Classic View

Thanks very much for all of the feedback so far, keep it coming!
For those that want the classic view, please note you can very easily click to flip back and forth from enhanced to classic and vice versa, in the top left corner of Gameday.



    The pitches should be numbered on the display so we have an idea which is which. Otherwise, this is awesome, especially the quick switch b/w Enhanced and Classic.


    enhanced gameday looks awesome. I would like to see on-base view where i can see guys on bases. I dont think I can do that right now or am I missing something?


    I agree with the awesome comment, as well as the pitch numbering idea. The ability to go back to any batter and watch the progression is way kool. I miss the diamond showing who is on and where the ball went, but the switch back to classic is indeed fast. Well done!!!


    I took the tour and also noticed there is no display showing base runners. Other than that the new interface is awesome 😀


    I agree about the on-base runners display. I’d also like to be able to see the number of pitches the pitcher has thrown and that pitch ratio. Other than that, I love this new look.


    The new gamecast looks like awesome. However, as stated, the two things I see missing are the numbers on the pitches. That’s not too bad, but a view of the current base runners is absolutely necessary. Also, would like to see the scoring at-bats highlighted/boldfaced/other color so that it is easy to see which at-bat you want to see the replay of.


    I thnk it is really cool. I agree with everyone else though, the diamond with the baserunners is definitely needed. Maybe where is says Postseason 2006 to the left of the pitcher’s picture.


    I just want to join the crowd. It’s a major flaw if we can’t see who’s on base and what base they are on during the game. What’s the point then?


    there is a lot of game information missing that makes the classic gamecast a better baseball experience. There is much more information available on the classic version. Seems the enhanced version just concentrated on what’s going on with the current batter. Where are the base runners? What happened earlier in the game (box score)? Who’s playing where? What’s the pitch count. I like the feel of the new gamecast, but please don’t get rid of the old one, I find myself flipping back to the old one constantly to get actual game information.


    Any way they can keep both?

    They new stuff is cool, but I don’t want the box/baserunners/hit-charts taken away when they decide the ‘transition period’ is over.


    I like the new enhanced version of Gameday, but I would like to see a field view, to see where players are on base. I would also like to see a play by play report. Keep up the good work.


    Graphically, the new version looks awesome, but stats-wise, the classic version is a lot better. Try to merge them together. Keep the graphics of the pitch-by-pitch plays and the stats of the classic version, including the diamond graphic.


    I think the new version has really nice graphics and a better overall look and distribution, but is missing a very important part, the field view where we can see where the ball was caught or landed, as well as the players on bases. Keep working on it!.

    Viva Guaymas!!


    I’d really like to hear some sounds! Nothing intrusive, just enough of a blip to let me know that something happened in the game that’s worth flipping back to the gameday page to check out. I’m not one who can tolerate staring at the GD page for the entire game, having been spoiled by mosaic; but just checking it periodically isn’t good enough – I always feel like I’m missing the action. I think sounds would help a lot.


    The new version has a lot of eye candy, but as far as conveying useful information, the classic version is far superior. In the classic version, the play-by-play is easier to read, the in-game stats are better, and I prefer seeing where the baserunners and fielders are as well as the shape of the field. I also don’t like the abbreviated “no out,” “out(s),” and “run(s)” terminology as opposed to “no out recorded,” “out(s) recorded,” and “run-scoring play.” If you keep the enhanced view, please don’t take away the classic view.


    I pretty much agree with the posts so far. One gripe of mine is the black background. Could you change that to look like a baseball field or something? It makes it hard to see the strike zone box… Which is also black. It just isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

    To get such detailed pitch information, did have to install special cameras at each ball park? Is this technology going to be available for every game come the ’07 season? I would love to be able to monitor another 100 loss season by the Royals in such detail!


    Just like everyone else.
    I like the look of the new mode,and it seems faster, but the classic offers far more stats and detail. I would like the full roster and pitch count available and I didn’t even realize there was a strike zone until I read it above .. perhaps outline in white instead of black on black.


    Thanks for the baserunner display…now just pitch numbers and some mouseover info and I’m happy.


    The enhanced mode focuses on an important part of the game: the duel between pitcher and batter. I love being able to follow the pitches from release to the call/contact.

    However, the focus on the duel and pitch location/call overwhelms the importance of where the ball was hit, what fielding play was made, and where the batter and runners end up.

    I suggest to simply supplant the new enhanced pitcher/batter and pitch location graphics in the middle of the classic view. (To accomodate the enhanced graphics, you will probably have to expand the middle of the classic view by reducing the size of the right and left portions).

    Thus, you keep: the crucial stats (box score, etc) on the right; the field view of where the hit went and where the runners end up in the upper left, and a game summary in the lower left.

    With this said, I am not a computer/internet graphics expert, and it may be much easier said than done.

    Great ideas and great work though. Now all we need is a computer-game-like simulation of the play!


    I really like the new gameday, and i agree with all the comments given so far. I would have to say i would like it to be a little brighter if possible. Maybe it is just my monitor, but it seems so dark.


    Is there any chance of us being able to see the ball fly off the bat in the event of a base hit, fly out, or ground out? Sort of like what espn has right now.


    Why is the last out in the ninth inning sometimes missing from the play by play and pitch by pitch data? This happened again today in the Yankee game.


    It makes sense to have batting average, home runs, RBI’s etc. on the little pop-up stat box when you click on a hitter’s name. However, I think the pop-up box should also include runs and SB’s.

    And for pitchers, I think the pop-up box should have conventional pitching statistics instead of batting average against, home runs against, etc. I would prefer to see ERA, innings pitched, strikeouts, WHIP, W-L, SV, etc.


    PLEASE MLB.COM PLEASE LET US CHANGE BACK TO THE CLASSIC VIEW!!! I follow baseball all season long and I would much rather follow it on the old classic gameday instead of the new enhanced version. Please put in that option where you can switch back and forth between the enhanced view and the old classic view Thank you!!!


    there is no toggle for the classic view, as was promised. and still no chat. this is very, VERY disappointing.


    There is not a clickable link in the top left corner to allow me to go back and forth between the original and enhanced gameday.


    I cant get back to the classic view! i know it says i can toggle in the upper left hand corner, but all thats there is the gameday logo, theres no way to switch between. HELP! I can hardly stand this enhanced gameday!


    I can’t toggle either…and I *really* don’t like the “enhanced” app. No value for me and really slow. What happened to the mini-Gameday that was around a while back?


    I dont like the enhanced mode…i lvoed the classic…and it was by far the best application on the now forced to view it on yahoo sports..though i will hopefully await the classic comeback..p.s. my views are shared by many who havent responded…so i speak for them aswell




    I would like to know how to switch to the classic view because i can not switch in the top left corner, thanks


    I would like to know where the chat go i really liked it… New version looks dumb switch it back and put gameday chat back on…


    why do some of the games give you the pitch trajectory and some do not??
    shouldn’t you be able to have it available for all the games you wish to view when the gameday is set to max animation and 3d???


    I would like to know how to switch to the classic view because i can not switch in the top left corner, thanks

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