March 2007

Mobile Gameday

Also new this year are mobile versions of Gameday. Yep, get live, pitch-by-pitch datacast of all MLB games on your phone.  One version even has integrated Gameday Audio? feeds, so you can listen live wherever you go with no blackout restrictions.  It?s currently available on selected phones, with more being added all the time. More info here


Hello 2007


We finally launched brand-new Gameday 2007 last week with the debut of Mexican League Games. Despite the last minute rush, we dare say it was much more smooth sailing than we anticipated. This past Thursday March 29, Gameday moved on to Spring Training. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out, but for those of you who want a sneak-peek of the new Gameday before the season opener, be on the lookout for Gameday icons appearing on the Homepage and Scoreboard page in the next few days. We may even have 3D pitch data available for the Freeway Series Games (LA Angels vs LA Dodgers).

This season we have incorporated many of the changes suggested in the comments received so far from last year’s Postseason Games. This includes: merging of "Classic" mode and "Enhanced" mode together so you don’t have to switch between modes to see core game information; adding pitch number in the 3D area; improving and expanding the user interface of Game Archive; improving visibility of scoreboard design; expanding camera angle options; and modifying the break calculation to better represent baseball fan’s definition of breaks (more on this later). You may also notice a new statistics captured — the pFX number. In the next few months we will be providing more information about these new statistics as well as tidbits about Gameday you might enjoy.

While we try to make the application as robust as possible, there are always inevitable bugs here and there. If you are experiencing problems with Gameday 2007, feel free to report it in the comments section.