April 2008

In-season Update 1

There has been several complaints about Gameday being larger than available screen real-estate. We did some analysis on what browser resolution most people have and made modifications to the footprint to address the issue in ways that will accommodate as large of a user base as possible. Hopefully this alleviates some of the nuisance from scrolling. Unfortunately the only way to address the footprint resize and keep Gameday free is to have the Ad unit take up some of the boxscore space (like we did last year).

We’ve also modified the center column area so core game information is easier to view from one location. We hope making it look like TV display will be familiar to our fans.

New also is the Video Tab, which will have collection of in-game video highlights for easy access.

The Scoreboard Alert functionality (click on little [+] sign to subscribe for each game) will display alert-box style messaging at the bottom right corner of your screen to announce various game information when available. This is now working properly.

In-season update two will hopefully be Gameday Mini and 3D (with camera angle controls). Stay tuned.

PS. Thanks for the report on Chat service being down. It is fixed now.