One game down, thank you!

To all who have provided feedback, thank you very much for the comments. We’re now through our first game with the new data and appreciate all of the suggestions very much. As some have noted, we added baserunners to make viewing in the enhanced gameday view a bit easier, and will provide more detailed response to your additional comments tomorrow here on the blog.
Because we’re still testing the system, it will not be available for all post-season games, and in the instance that it is not, you’ll be defaulted back to the classic mode you’re all used to. Thanks for “tuning in”!





    Right now, the only way to get the box score, a basic tenet of baseball and following a game, is to switch back to the standard Gameday. I strongly recommend incorporating the box score information that made the original Gameday so great into the enhanced Gameday offering.


    Could you use a different color for fouls after strike two? Maybe yellow? That way you have a quick and reliable metric to show what happened without confusing folks into thinking a K occurred. I know a few times I got needlessly excited over a foul ball.

    Also, I second benyankee. Box scores would be really nice. As would links to the popups for player stats and splits. During the post-season it would be much better if the splits reflected regular season performance.


    Wow! The 2 different speed values are a breakthrough. Never seen that available before anywhere. Like the numerical data provided for break distance, and the graphical representation adds tremendous visual appeal and understanding in a format we are all familiar with from TV.

    Pitch counts and ball/strike breakdown have been the category killer for Gameday for me. That is what drives me to use the product even though I listen to Gameday Audio. Looking forward to its incorporation.

    Slick product. Thanks!


    It’d be nice to see where certain hits were fielded/landed. Big difference between a shallow right field hit and a warning track shot.


    The new visuals, as well as the new data collected to create those visuals, are very nice. I miss the data from the classic gameday, however. I miss seeing where the ball went… was it a fly ball out to the wall, or was it routine?

    I also miss the pitch counts, the split stats and the base-runner stats.

    All in all, a great effort. Keep up the good work.


    I find the new gameday to be very interesting, but it will certainly take some getting used to. My one big suggestion is to try and incorporate the box score again as benyankee23 suggested. That is one reason why I liked the original Gameday over any other website’s in game feature. Please consider this suggestion as we move into the 2007 season.


    Sorry, I should have also said – great job!

    The two pitch speeds were confusing at first. Maybe new designators: Speed: “At release” and “At plate” as the column heading in the pitches window. Looks the break column could get squeezed a bit more.

    The postseason logo is really big and obscures the field and bases and runners. Possible to lose the former to increase the size of the latter?


    I am viewing the Twins game in the beta mode, using Firefox. It is not auto-updating at the end of each half inning – the final hitter, batter and info after three outs remains in view. I have to close the browser and restart to update.


    Definitely needs a boxscore and lineups, I also agree with rgold about decreasing the size of the postseason logo to increase the field size. Also, having the label on the blue icon being “hit” is deceptive; it should go back to “in play”.

    All in all, good stuff, but being a bit heavier on content and condensing some of the flashiness would make a world of difference.


    looks great. i was looking for a “who’s on base” yesterday.. and here it is today. very cool.. a fresh modern look.

    one thing though, could you create a job related bar chart to quickly switch to when my boss comes by?


    The Enhanced feature looks great but one thought the 3/4 angle is kind of hard to gage the strike zone maybe give us an option to change that as well to a straight away behind either the pitcher or the batter


    When you expand to full screen the information doesn’t resize. There is room for lineups alon the edge. I know, ther is room for advertising also.

    Looks good!


    Where is the pitch count?

    The graphic is great but not at the scriice of meaningful stats. Pitch counts and box scores are needed. Other things from classic are:

    Pitch to strikes

    Ground to fly

    Where in play balls drop

    You can increase the size of the window used. It seesm to be set up for a small monitor.


    This is great, but please put me down with the other comments:

    A graphic of “the field” would be great, especially if you put the kind of work in that you’ve already done. “The field” would show runners, where the ball drops, etc. And if you moused over the pitcher, you could see pitch count and such thing.

    Keep at it!


    Adding the bases is an improvememt, but still not near enough information as available in the classic view. The curvey lines are pretty and all, but it takes too much space away from the stats. And the graphic ain’t really true to reality, anyway, so why bother?

    Oh, and since I use IE, Firefox and Netscape 8, it’s real important it works in all three.


    I love the new pitch view, but I’d like to have the old gameday information (hit location, defense location, and box score) more integrated rather than toggling over to classic, which looks completely different. Maybe The Select View could have a third choice (whole field) and the innings selector whould have a third choice (box score).

    I know it takes up more space, but even in the current right hand side, it should show what happened to the runners. Either words or maybe a new little graphic of a tiny diamond with arcs showing where the runners started and ended safely (with a dot) or out (with an X).

    Break should include a direction as well as a distance.

    I don’t find the over the plate speed very meaningful; it’d be more interesting to see either the difference in speed (91mph / -5mph instead of 91 / 86) or the difference in speed compared to minimum. Just as break shows how far the pitch moved compared to no spin, speed loss could show how much _more_ speed the pitch lost compared to a hypothetical perfect fastball.

    Do you really mean “no spin” when you say what break is comparing too? Wouldn’t that be a totally unpredictable knuckler? Or do you mean “compared to the ballistic trajectory with no aerodynamic effects”?

    Fouls after strike 2 should be yellow, not red.

    If your cameras can get batted ball data, too, it’d be neat to see speed/azimuth/elevation of the ball as it leaves the bat as well.

    Pitcher summary data would be wonderful — not just the old balls/strikes, but after a few batters it should be possible to cluster their pitches (10 pitches at an avg speed of 91mph, 5″ break, 8 strikes, 2 balls, presumably fastballs, plus 5 pitches at a averaged speed of 83mph, 10″ break, presumably curveballs, etc).


    I agree that I would love to have the pitch/strike counts readily available without having to toggle over. I also miss player and pitcher stats at cursor prompts.

    I think it would help visibility if the right hand column of batting order was against a light background color instead of the black – it does make for a very dark screen that is kind of hard on the eyes.


    The lack of a boxscore is very troubling as others have already noted. For fantasy baseball or amateur analysis it is important to have statisics readily available.

    Rather than just BAvg I would also like to be able to see some expanded stats like OBP and SLG. I would like to be able to see these stats by hovering the cursor over the players name/picture.

    The best possible way to view statistics would be with a “drill down” type menu. Starting with the batters overall season stats, and then allowing the user to drill down to the specific situational splits.


    Like everyone else has said, having a box score would probably solve all your problems, it is difficult not being able to look at a batting order, etc. It seems like the new gameday is focused completely around the pitches. When you want to see a previous at-bat for a player all it does is take you through the pitches again. To me, I love the new graphics, I could barely stand the old gameday, but it seems as though there is just a lot of fluff, because I don’t care about how much the ball is breaking, but what I care about is a boxscore.


    Ok. First blush. TMI comes to mind. Really. The placement of each ball thrown, for each AB? And the release speed vs. resulting speed? And the break of each pitch? I guess the missing box score has pretty much been beaten to death. I miss it too. The inning results only when you click on a player? Nah. Don’t caer for that either. I don’t mind the pitching/batting graphic. But why not over the batter’s shoulder or even better, from the catches POV? The 3/4 view is just weird. The pseudo-3D view of the diamond when runners are on doesn’t work. Something simple here is fine.
    Just TMI I guess….


    Great!!!!! I enjoy the A’s game… I could not ask for more… well maybe I cant but right now no ideas… well just one, show how far does the ball goes on a hit.


    Oh and a great thing when you see what happened on past batters, I mean, diplay every pitch… how cool is that… thumbs up


    It would be nice if you could see the overall batting lineups for both sides and show where in the lineup the current batter is.


    To those who would say “TMI” I say follow another sport. Excellent interface, graphics, etc. The only thing I would like is player stats (BA, RBI, etc.), especially as a mouse-over feature so it doesn’t clutter the current interface. The on-base indicator is small and hard to decipher, but I suspect that’s a band-aid fix, correct?

    Keep up the good work!


    can you not mkae the batter swin g (when apporaite) and maybe be more visible about where hte ball goes.

    pitcher view is the best IMO


    In the enhanced gameday the break statistic seems to be off by quite a bit, I have been watching the game and keeping this up at the same time and the breaing balls such as curves, sliders and heavy sinkers have shown up as having a smaller break than many four seam fastballs. That being said this stat ought to be looked at to see how it could better represent the reality of how much the pitch truly breaks.


    Wow! remains the best use of the internet ever!

    At-Bats box:

    less space for batter and pitcher names, more space for Result. Don’t arrange columns equally, skew the left side over (center them in an overlayed, smaller shifted left box). We know the names, need the Results.

    2D reality will always be hard, think about a future compressed datastream into a 3D client (such as one of the current computer baseball game graphics engine). Give the client a roamable 3D camera view and pwn the internet.


    I like the enhanced version much better than the classic. Though I do look forward to the pitch type being listed… Also, is there any way to speed it up a bit. I keep the radio on with my gameday – and even with a cable modem DSL and a MAC G5, I find gameday is always 2 or 3 pitches behind… Probably a bandwidth thing and not something you can control.. Either way, I like the enhanced. Looking forward to ’07!


    Awesome! I just watched Taguchi v. Wagner, all pitches, 5 hours after the game was over.

    I’d sure like to see a fusion of the old and new gamedays in a larger package. My video is 1280×1024, and you could client poll machines to see what video size is active.


    I like the enhanced gameday better than the classic escept you can’t get the linups, the pitching count like in the classsic


    I don’t think it updates quickly enough. Is that just my computer? It will go about 2 or 3 pitches in a row and then pause for a long time.

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