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With the start of the 2006 Postseason, the MLB.com Gameday team has some exciting announcements for Gameday fans, principally the launch of the trial of our Enhanced Gameday service. We’ve spent the season installing equipment in select ballparks to very accurately track pitch trajectory, break, and speed. What you’re seeing in Enhanced Gameday are the real time results of that data capture, designed to allow you, the fan to better understand what each batter faces on a per-pitch basis.
We hope you enjoy the product on the select games we’re covering this post-season. We’ll be running it on a more widespread basis during the 2007 season. Stay tuned here for additional announcements regarding the product, and feel free to privde feedback via comments on the blog.

A few quick notes to help you better understand the product:

– Speeds are displayed with two values, indicating speed as the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand, and speed as it crosses the plate.

– Break is currently defined as the measurement of the distance between the location of the actual pitch thrown over the plate, and the calculated location of a ball thrown by the pitcher in the same way, with no spin.


  1. trogdor7889@yahoo.com

    I am excited to see the new Gameday. I have been using the “classic” version for the last two seasons and will be interested to see how the new “enhanced” version works!

    Thank You for keeping things up-to-date and letting the fans get closer to the game!

    P.S. Go Cards!!!!

  2. atbannett@yahoo.com

    Looks very interesting. I’ll try it out now. Is there a live box score like in the old one? Thanks! Go Mets!

  3. hyderds@netzero.net

    Big fan of Gameday. Been using Gameday since the 2002 season. I was checking out the enhanced Gameday today. I kind of miss the at-a-glance view of the live box scores of the home and the visiting teams. All in all, its more flashy but it lacks the fundamental beauty of the sport because of the missing box score element.

  4. peterlore@hotmail.com

    this is a great thing I like it now since they show you where the pitch goes.thanks a lot for this new enhanced gameday

  5. jthome@comcast.net

    Very cool, but MUST change it to a straight-on view of the plate/strike zone. The 3/4 view is deceptive and not nearly as informative.

  6. jdsadro@hotmail.com

    Nice, but a few comments:

    1) Change the viewpoint to straight on

    2) Provide a box score and lineup list option

    3) Provide a better shading to the strike zone box…maybe light yellow or light grey. You can’t really see the strike zone box very well.

    4) I like the pitch history for each at bat. Very cool.

  7. bc1182@messiah.edu

    I have only been using the enhanced gameday for the first inning of the Cards-Padres game and I really like it. Only problem I see with it is that in between pitches, the line showing the path of the previous pitches is too dark and blends into the background. It would be nice if those lines were a little lighter during AB’s.

  8. mhanisc@aol.com

    WAY WAY WAY to much Black on the screen. Looks like you are staring inot space.. needs a lot of work

  9. gunoz@optonline.net

    Looks cool, but the perspectives need some work. RHB v RHP looks good from pitcher’s view cause it fills the whole screen, but from the batter’s view the release point is in the middle of the screen, so everything is squished and you can’t really see the break. LHB v RHP is the opposite, batter’s view fills the screen, but pitcher’s view is squished again based on the release point. Also would like to click on the pitches and get more info on them (pitch #, type, speed, etc).

  10. jdsadro@hotmail.com

    A few more comments:

    5) I agree with the other comments…you have to show the baserunners. This is a major issue.

  11. rtbne007@hotmail.com

    I like that we can track the pitches, but a straight on view would be better, there’s too much black, and we DEFINITELY need something that lets us track the men on the basepaths!

  12. gva@mit.edu

    Where’s the display of the current baserunners in the new enhanced Gameday? This seems like an essential thing that was left out…

  13. joeymerk3@hotmail.com

    The new gameday is very futuristic and modern, but I like the classic version of gameday much better. I prefer to see the box score, the lineup, and where the runners are at on base. The two pitch speeds and break are flashy, but how many people care or focus on the arm angle, speed out of hand, or break of every ball thrown? We’re not scouts! Stay simple!

    Thanks for letting us provide feedback.

    Go Tigers!

  14. bracketville21@comcast.net

    I love the new Gameday, but it needs a way to see runners on base and where the ball is when it is put in play.

  15. shores21@aol.com

    It’s cool — but still has a few bugs. It is too dark and too slow at this time — the info is great, but agree w/ others — need baserunners and such.

    Go Yanks!

  16. Justin

    For those of you looking for the box, you can click classic mode in the top left to go back to the old view and then switch back and forth. thanks very much for the feedback!

  17. jasnkat@ameritech.net

    The enhanced version is great for analyzing what’s happening in an individual at-bat, but not good for tracking the rest of the game. The lack of information about line-ups, player stats, and who is on base will have be using the classic version much more than the enhanced.

  18. ssonntag@pgac.com

    first inning and I already had to go back to the classic version. You can’t tell what’s going on at a glance.
    You can’t see who’s on or the situation without having to read through. Face it Gameday is mostly used by people who work and can’t sit and stare at the screen all day.

    Thumbs down

  19. dcondie@cymer.com

    Can’t see who’s on base. Like new version a lot, but can’t see who’s on base. Really *****.

  20. cesmith@iname.com

    I love this pitch information, but I still found it confusing. Pitch 3 to Giles from the batter’s point of view seemed to be a strike, but from the pitchers point of view was clearly inside. Easily fixed if you draw the path of the pitch to the back of the plate for the batter’s view.

  21. nateloftin@yahoo.com

    I like it. The only thing is I agree with Joregonzal…there needs to be a diamond showing what bases are occupied. Other than that, I think it is pretty sweet.

  22. nate@dodgeit.com

    1) Runners on Base – A MUST
    2) Scroll over pitcher Icon – Info gone – Liked it old way

    3) Straight on view

    4)Didn’t think I’d miss box score, but I do

  23. timothy.b.schmitt@us.pwc.com


    1. you need to be able to see where the ball went after a hit – this would be implemented with where the runners currently are.

    2. why are there 2 pitch speeds? has this confused anyone else?

    3. i agree with every other comment. especially the too much black – baseball is a summer sport played in the sun, not a third dimension thing they are trying to make it.

  24. maring@comcast.net

    It’s a good start, and pretty slick looking, but some of the basics like baserunners seem to have been left out.

  25. jtmoritz@bigfoot.com

    Looks great but some of the old features are missing.
    1. I miss the little diamond which shows the number of players on base, what base they are on, etc.

    2. I also miss the lineups and game stats.

    3. Where are the pitch counts and balls and strikes

    I liked the old version because I could keep up with everything without having to scroll through each individual batter’s at bat.

  26. ross72081@yahoo.com

    How do you know where the runners are? It would be nice to see the players have the team jersey on instead of being boring and grey. And what about the pitcher? Just a pitch release point?

  27. newyorkdominicanking@yahoo.com

    Definitely needs to show the baserunners, position players on defense… dimensions of the field like the old one did. Box Score, and more color. I love the pitch locator and speed but it looks kind of bland with just the release point circle.

    3/4 view is not bad, but perhaps the counter like the old one would work.

  28. sleepyatjmu@aol.com

    You can flip back and forth between classic and enhanced at top left. I actually like the way things are because too much info on the screen makes things complicated. You can’t have everything piled on one screen, and I hate scrolling. The way things are is great, but I am sure there are few things that can make it better, as with any app.

  29. anthonycolange@hotmail.com

    I like the enhanced. Less black would make it a lot better, plus the hitter/pitcher area could be smaller.

    I agree that lineups and the diamond that used to be included are important.

  30. cghedberg@sbcglobal.net

    Love the pitch history per at bat. The overall look is ok. things that are missing and should be added;
    *Line up and box

    *Available bench players

    *diamond with base runners

    * play by play text option

    * click on players for stats / bio

  31. joewikert@yahoo.com

    I agree with many of the other earlier posts — this enhanced version is an interesting step forward. I also agree with at least a couple of other posts that you definitely need to show the baserunners. I kept looking all over for them and soon discovered they just aren’t there. Great job on everything else though.

  32. michael.j.levine@comcast.net

    what would really be cool, is if we could add and remove components, like box score, pitch view, pitch by pitch.

  33. cesmith@iname.com

    I wish the break amount wasn’t a single number, but 2 – the horizontal break and vertical break.

  34. byron.jones@lnf.com

    Hello, like the looks of it, but instead of after hitter is done on the right of his at-bats can we get diamond of how far he gets like keep scorecard…line to 1st if he gets all the way around to home full line around bases,


  35. cdavis@weekendsonly.com

    Needs work.

    1. Show baserunners

    2. Show where balls were hit

    3. Too much black.

    4. No pitcher information (mostly pitch count)

    5. no box score.

    If these things are fixed it could be a very cool product.

  36. a_williams77@hotmail.com

    I like the improved graphics, but I can’t tell what’s going on with base runners, I don’t know how many pitches the pitcher has thrown along with the box score.

  37. nomiosankajr@yahoo.com

    3 things that NEED to be there on enhanced mode:

    1) Live box score and lineup area

    2) The diamond to show who is on base.

    3) The field layout to see the dimensions.

    Ok mabye the 3rd one isn’t needed but I really liked that on the old one.

  38. amerz@sckans.edu

    The thing is great but it is missing one key feature: The Diamond and who is on base.
    If you add this it will be a winner!

  39. jjsoderberg@excite.com

    PEOPLE – JUST HIT THE CLASSIC VIEW AND IT CHANGES (QUICKLY!!!) SO YOU CAN SEE THE BASE RUNNERS, WHERE THE BALL WENT, ETC, then just hit enhannced again and it quickly changes back to batter/pitcher view…

  40. coolwebb@gmail.com

    This new view is lacking a lot. The pitch tracking seems pretty inaccurate. I think it would be best to add pitch speed info to the classic view and leave it at that.

  41. tommyzee@earthlink.net

    if the intent is to develop one product, with one view, then the answer lies somewhere between the classic and the enhanced versions – maintaining hte graphical quality of the enhanced, while carrying forward the level of information from classic. if the intent is to have two products, then nevermind…

    i would say, however, that the break and speed information are not nearly as important to a fan as a radar gun and pitch identifier. 76 mph curve? 82 mph change? 86 mph slider? 97 mph fastball? that’s more useful and interesting than a pitch with a non-directional 11″ break that left the pitcher’s arm at 96.2 mph and hit the catcher’s glove at 82.7 mph.

    keep developing the product, for sure. but keep in mind what level of detail baseball fans really want to see, and want to be able to keep on top of.

    also, any thoughts on widening the window so as to allow more information that way?

  42. cisco_flores@yahoo.com

    I like the aesthetics of the Enhanced Gameday but it lacks functionality.

    I miss the Field View that shows layout of the field with players at their defense position as well as base runners and the batter.

    I am also a huge fan of the Lineups & Bench view as well as the live Box Score.

    In this case I?ll go with performance over the ?good looks?. I?m sticking with the Classic Mode.

    Go Yankees!

    One Team, One Mission, 27.


  43. reccos35@yahoo.com

    I love the pitch tracking with this new enhanced version…but you need to show the whole field so that you can see who’s on base as well where the ball is hit. When I see that the ball is hit, I have to click on the classic mode to see where the ball actually went. Also the classic version shows the player roster along with their stats. Why don’t you have that on this version?
    Other than that it’s great.

  44. bowersaaron@hotmail.com

    Really like this alot. I don’t mind switching back and forth to check the box score. But a small display indicating the baserunners is definitely a must.
    Also, the strike zone and the indication of where the pitch traveled is way too dark. It actually showed up to be gray for about 2/3rd’s of an inning then went back to being too dark.

  45. lint286@hotmail.com

    Great job on the new gameday! I do miss being able to see the base runners and the box score/line up, but you did a great job of making the switch to the classic view seamless and fast. The only thing I would really like to have on the enhanced is pitch count. I know I can go to the classic view, but it would be nice if we could just mouse over or click on the pitchers picture to get the pitch stats. Otherwise its great.

  46. randy.calen@yahoo.com

    Overall it is pretty cool, but you definitely can’t follow a game just using the enhanced feature. If you can integrate this with the classic mode, you would have a winner.

  47. operationivy27@yahoo.com

    The enhanced version is nice, I like most of the improvements. I realize that I can still quickly view a graphic of the bases by switching to the classic version, but I would like to see it added to the enhanced. A pitch count (including balls and strikes breakdown) would be great as well.

  48. matt48ritchie@yahoo.com

    It is cool but it was nice to see who was on what base and the boxscore, also its fun to see where the player hit the ball. RYAN HOWARD MVP

  49. deepcerulean@gmail.com

    Here are some initial comments. After using it for a little bit, I’ve realized that, in its current incarnation, it isn’t meant to be a full fledged game tracker (it’s more just for the at bats). With that in mind, some of my comments are probably already in plan for when a more functional version is released.

    Criticisms –

    1) Ability to see baserunners is essential

    2) It no longer shows pickoff attempts

    3) The “Result” box (at the bottom of the screen) is sometimes too small to hold all of the data (make it scrollable?). – Same problem with the “Result” field in the “At Bats” window

    4) I miss the in game box scores

    5) I really miss the ability to mouse over and get context sensitive stats

    6) The batter/pitcher frame needs some color. A baseball field mock-up would be ideal, provided it doesn’t interfere with the pitch tracking.

    7) (nit) In the legend, the blue marker should say “In Play” rather than “Hit”

    Praise –

    1) The pitch tracking is great!

    2) I love that you can go over previous at bats and still view the full pitch path.

    3) The feel is much nicer. Much more sleek.

    Other –

    1) The stats need to be worked into the product somehow. However, I really like that the current design is much less “busy” than the “classic” mode. I’m not sure how I would prefer stats be shown. Perhaps with a tab system (with 3 tabs: At Bats, Linups & Bench, Boxscore)? I’m not sure, I’m not a UI designer.

    2) The 3/4 view is difficult. It is necessary to really show the curve on a lot of the pitches, but it really ruins the view of the strike zone, especially on close pitches. I can think of two things that may mitigate the problem: a) add a head-on view where we can toggle between seeing the curve and seeing the spot in the zone OR b) replace the 3/4 view with a head on view and only show the tracker for one pitch at a time (with an option to show more).

    Sorry if I come across as too critical, but I imagine you want as much feedback as you can get. I really like the idea, and I look forward to seeing it in a more complete form.

  50. jsaltzm@hotmail.com

    It’s cool, but you get a better idea if the pitch is in the strike zone with the classic view. Can the strike zone box more accurately describe the strike zone in the Enhanced mode?

  51. masqbellesa@hotmail.com

    Agree with most here. Looks nice, but i also want to see the base runners. Getting the same information about the pitching in two spots. throw box scores down there or something. Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

  52. justin@tierra.net

    I agree with previous comments. It is way too dark for my screen and needs base runners. I look forward to this cool new feature! Keep up the good work.

  53. the_elmagoo@yahoo.com

    I agree with the comments that the roll-over statistics should be there. Especially for the pitcher and batter (pitch counts including current game strikeouts and such for pitcher, batting average and such for batter). One other thing is that you don’t get to see where the ball went in the park as you did with the classic view.

    It’s a great start on a new way to view the game though πŸ™‚

  54. rhford2@gmail.com

    1. put back the mouse over stats.

    2. needs a view for base runners as well as where the ball was hit.

    3. running log of pick-off attempts as well as any other game events such as stolen base attempts.

    4. over all the effects are nice, but the classic view provided more useful information

  55. pastor@cvalley.net

    I would echo all the above, especially the mouse over stats. Also, even though we start counting all over again in the post-season it would be great to have ready access to the regular season stats.

  56. nicknac@yankeesmvp.com

    I like some of the new features, but I’d like to be able to see the boxscore and the players on base.

  57. j@velvetsteamroller.com

    Thank you to deepcerulean@gmail.com for saying most of what I was thinking and therefore saving me a lot to typing. I’d like to add the following:

    1. I really think you’re use of color is underutilized. You show ball (green) vs. strike (red) but we already can see most of that information from the pitch location. My suggestion is to show distinguish strikes with bold circles (thereby showing swinging strikes out of the strike zone) and use color to distinguish pitch type (e.g. Red = fastball; green = slider; blue = curve etc.) This would allow us fans to see at a glance “wow he is really throwing a lot of heat today”.

    To complete the circle thought you could have balls be a thin circle; strikes be thick circle and “in play” be a double circle.

    2. Thanks for improving this and for giving us a chance to give feedback.

  58. robertap@comcast.net

    You need to ad a small bases overview so we can see if there are any runners on base. Do not need names, only a small dot, or fill in the bases like they do for TV broadcasts. Classic mode has more infomration but Enhanced is more fun to watch.

  59. biggerbearsjunk@gmail.com

    I Like the pitching views, but pujols just hit a home run, and I had no idea there was anyone on base. Need to show the base runners (as many others have mentioned) and, also reiterating, too much black.

    Otherwise cool.

  60. cesmith@iname.com

    Definately the mouse over information.

    Definately a display of the base runners

    I was pleasenetly surpriesd at the speed of switching between the enhanced and classic versions

  61. cps124@yahoo.ca

    Need to see baserunners and more player stats.

    Don’t try and create a new version just upgrade the previous Gameday it works fine.

  62. bsgillis@yahoo.com

    I like the new look with the pitch trail. Other than what have already been said (seeing runners on base, numbered pitches, etc), I would like to see the stats pop up like the do when you mouse over the pitcher and batter, and the pitch type. You get a general idea from the speed and track of the ball, but it would be nice to see curves, sliders, etc. Also, all of the real time stats like batting average are missing. It seems that there are several good things on the classic verison that are missing that would be nice if they were incorporated, but I really like where this is headed!

  63. rafaricoc@hotmail.com

    In my concern the black it’s ok, but you do need a diamond, i like to see how far did the ball go, and to see the runers on base. You already got that on the past version.
    It’s very cool this version, and i like the result text, its so much better than the past one. Also the way you show the next and past batters

  64. dualtone428@yahoo.com

    Love it!!! Could use a few changes:
    1. the black background in the pitch area is too much! make it white, add a box for the strike zone, and let us actually see the pitch traces.

    2. add a diamond with runners on base information

    3. lineups would be great, as would bench players. I would also like to be able to see the pitch count.

    That’s the only criticism I’ve got. Other than those things, it’s awesome!

  65. boatmyster@aol.com

    I’ve been a big gameday fan the past couple of years. In fact, even though I had ordered the MLB Extra Innings package, I still used gameday if I wanted to quickly scan games and boxscores of games in progress. I very much like this enhanced gameday, and the new features. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned above is the “pitch movement” feature’s miscalculations. On breaking balls/offspeed pitches, it looks as if it’s right-on. However, on some fastballs (I know these are fastballs by the pitch speed and trajectory), it says they all break like 13 inches. I agree with most of the criticism above (colors, lack of box score or lineup, baserunners). However, unlike some people who dislike the view, I like it. The “straight on” view, while more precise, doesn’t give the fan the most accurate portrayal of what it’s like in the batter’s box. I do understand the point that these people are making, and they don’t care about “batter’s vantage point”, they just want to get the best view of the k zone and pitches. If you institute that view next year, please keep the two current views as options as well.

    Other than that, great going guys, I always wanted to see something like this. Maybe in the future you could incorporate an interactive feature to this, where the fan tries to hit the pitches, as if it were a video game.

  66. rau1.nlln3z@gmail.com

    i’m sure many posted already but… i like the new view but here a few things..

    1. Can’t see the Strike zone box it’s too dark.

    2. Can’t track baserunners it said double play i didn’t realize someone was on 1st.

    thanks it looks great

    5stars *****

  67. gbraley@comcast.net

    Lots of flash, but seriously lacking basic info, particularly baserunners, box score and pop-up stats. Agree with others, I use gameday “at a glance” to get caught up on the action. This doesn’t get the job done! I’m sure improvements will be on the way. Thanks for allowing the input!

  68. kristin@stlouis-cardinals.net

    I’m quoting an obviously extremely intelligent person for my suggestion for the new Gameday. Oh yeah…GO CARDS! πŸ™‚

    “like the new look, but would love to be able to track base runners, too. GO CARDS!” Posted by: jeffreybrothers@netzero.net | October 3, 2006 01:14 PM

  69. mdenning@shn-engr.com

    I agree with the awesome comment, as well as the pitch numbering idea. The ability to go back to any batter and watch the progression is way kool. I miss the diamond showing who is on and where the ball went, but the switch back to classic is indeed fast. Well done!!!

  70. npfeiffr@yahoo.com

    Definitely need to add the baserunners – I have been flipping back and forth between Enhanced and Classic modes just to follow the action not at the plate. Love the speed at which it updates – very much in real time. I would echo 3/4 views of hitter/pitcher is deceptive. Keep the speed & break info for each pitch – great addition!

    Doing great work – keep it up!

  71. gbraley@comcast.net

    With regards to the “Break”, it looks like the figure given is actual vertical drop from the release point to the plate. This would account for significant drop on a fastball, even though it is moving in a “straight” line. It still starts at the pitcher’s hand and has to be angled downward to the strikezone. Showing actual break would be difficult unless the ball was plotted by milliseconds. Wonder how this will track a knuckler?

  72. jrtdcg@sbcglobal.net

    I like the new view. I think we need a base view to see who is on base at any given time. It work……I like it!!!

  73. mdenning@shn-engr.com

    What about a rendered stadium background? You could make the background “day game” bright and the make the k-zone dark, with the pitch paths red and black. Using photos from the stadiums where the games are being played for the background might be worth trying too.

  74. ras@greenscapefla.com

    It is a great concept, but you are victims of concentrating too much on the technology (which is incredible by the way).

    I think the following is needed:

    1) situation (runners on base… ways to find out what the runners have done in the game so far including SB’s)

    2) the type of pitch would be great… fastball, curve, etc.

    3) color schemes could be greatly improved.

    But, my more eye openning concept is this… why can’t you just show the TV feed at this point. It’s got to be just as inexpensive as this technology, doesn’t it?

  75. benyankee23@rcn.com

    To tell you the truth, these people saying they like it a lot are blind to the inferiority of this new system. It doesn’t give you a box score or season stats. It doesn’t even tell you who’s on base. It has no information about who’s in the field. It takes everything that was good and useful about regular gameday and throws it out the window. Instead, we get some fancy shmancy window that shows us a skewed angle of how a pitch breaks and what the batter does in one at-bat without putting that at-bat into the context of the rest of the game.

    I hope this isn’t the first step toward getting rid of the great non-enhanced Gameday because honestly this thing needs some work!

  76. anolick@att.net

    I often use gameday to review innings that I missed. In the classic view the first four batters in top of the fourth looks like this:

    Top 4TH B:0 S:1 O:0

    Chris Duncan singles on a line drive to center fielder Mike Cameron.

    Top 4TH B:3 S:2 O:0

    Albert Pujols homers (1) on a fly ball to left center field. Chris Duncan scores.

    Top 4TH B:3 S:1 O:0

    Jim Edmonds singles on a line drive to right fielder Brian Giles.

    Top 4TH B:2 S:2 O:0

    Scott Rolen doubles (1) on a soft line drive to right fielder Brian Giles. Jim Edmonds to 3rd.

    So, the classic verson above provided lots of information in a very clunky display. I get a real feel for the inning.

    In the Enhanced version the look and feel is much better, and it is really cool that you can re-play the pitches for any at bat. But there is much less data to see what really happened:

    Batter Pitcher Result

    C. Duncan JPeavy Single

    A. Pujols JPeavy Home Run

    J. Edmonds JPeavy Single

    S. Rolen JPeavy Double

    I like the way it is layed out for an inning, but you need to provide more data like advancement of runners, how many out etc as was done previously.

  77. mckeon@gmail.com

    probably already been said but:

    unless i’m missing something incredibly obvious; there is no way to tell who is on what base. need to get a baseball diamond on there somewhere with current baserunners. hard to tell when the current half inning just says “Single. Strikeout. Single. Single. Fly Out. Double.” etc etc.

  78. mscam_57@hotmail.com

    Definately on the right track but still needs some improvements as others have mentioned so I will not repeat.

    A big plus is definately the pitch speed and break. Allows us to know what pitch was thrown and how the pitcher is holding up through the game.

  79. trogdor7889@yahoo.com

    i agree with most of the feedback. baserunners is a must and i miss the boxscore too.

    Cards up 4-0!!!!!!!!

  80. zboy@hotmail.com

    Looks nice. The colors seem dark, it feels like I am looking at it through sunglasses.

    Baserunners is essential. I end up going to the normal view because of the lack of runners. I also feel like I am missing a lot of information. If it is going to be simplified, make the screen smaller. That way we can have more desktop available.

  81. markdnoble@hotmail.com

    very cool. but the loss of information is too big a cost.

    seeing the trajectory and pitch speed is nice, but you gotta have that live box score, which is especially great with the ability to get player info so quickly.

    if the view were tighter, mabye there’d be space for everything? clearly, note being able to see who is on base without inducing it from the list of at-bats is not going to swing it.

    honestly, if the small batter’s window in classic mode could do what this one does…that’d be all you need.

    props to the gameday people for continuing to innovate.

  82. trogdor7889@yahoo.com

    ok nevermind please disregard that last comment. i assumed switching to the classic mode would take time. enhanced is basically just another section of the regular. Good Job!

  83. mlover555@hotmail.com

    i like the idea…. needs improvement, much of which has already been mentioned. Wouldn’t it be really cool if it followed the ball into the park after it was hit – like a 3-d version of the entire play?

  84. rau1.nlln3z@gmail.com

    some more feedback

    There are a few colors that are too dark. like the innings in inbetween the batters… also can’t see the Lineups in full like classic mode or bench players or all pitchers used and their in game stats. also would really like to see the (dot) that shows were the ball was it.. sometimes it’s easier to just ((look)) instead of having to read everything… since it is a nice way to just look and switch back to what i’m doing… thanks…

  85. kinglywarrior@aol.com

    This is not working. You have to be able to see who is on base. You guys should check out the ESPN version (not to plug someone else’s product), it has just about everything you need, it just runs slow. the views are ok, but we would rather see the field, who is on base and where the ball is hit.

  86. rtittmann@cbmlaw.com

    First thing’s first: DODGERS ROCK.

    ok, very cool look, but I don’t want to switch back from classic to modern, I want it all at once. So better add the full info on the modern screen.

    Also for blackberry users: can you add an auto-refresh option on the mlb mobile (like espn’s website does)?

  87. rseyda38@yahoo.com

    I hope I’m not blind, but I can’t see where the baserunners are after they get a hit. It would be super to see where the runners are.

  88. opvoiceman@yahoo.com

    Yeah…you need to see who’s on base but more importantly it needs to update the window!!!

    At this moment, it still says bottom of the 6th inning and in the other room on TV the top of the 7th has just ended.

    This has happened alot in the past several weeks! (and that was pre-“enhanced mode”.

  89. dodgers@justwrite.us

    The enhanced version offers a new 3d view of the pitch but nothing relevant to the game.

    Also when I switch back to classic view, I get Ronnie Belliard’s stats!

  90. ccova@juno.com

    I am not sure if anyone has said this yet but you cannot see where runners are on base in 3D view. Maybe a little icon that shows where the baserunners are located.

  91. kevhoggard@yahoo.co.uk

    Wow what a mess. You’ve taken all the good things that were in the old version and removed them. Clickable stats, rollovers, the diamond, the park size and shape. The first pitch I saw looked like it hit the batter in the rib cage but it was classified as ball in the dirt! 2 speeds! What for? People just want classic pitch speed. I’d be more interested getting a better description of the play. Was it a diving catch? Great run from the left fielder to snag the ball. Good stop in the hole by the SS but runner beat the throw by a step. Maybe next time you could ask your users before throwing out a poorly tested beta version!

  92. schmitz23@comcast.net

    Why do people feel the need to criticize this like it’s like they’re paying for it, or if it were a final release. CLEARLY, the product is in development still, as they are taking feedback and have made changes throughout the day (hello runners). Lighten up a bit and be patient.

    PS. Stop ignoring the instant switch b/w modes. The enhanced will NEVER have all the features of Classic, but it literally takes .5 seconds to switch to Classic to see a boxscore.

  93. rtittmann@cbmlaw.com

    thanks for adding runners.

    one day you will tell the computer what happened and it will show a computerized reply like Xbox. I suppose we will have to pay for that version.

  94. jdolson37@yahoo.com

    I like the enhanced version and thank you for adding the runners! I find it somewhat humorous how the pitch location in the enhanced version varies drastically from the pitch location in the classic version. Just take a look at the last at-bat of the Cardinals/Padres game and you’ll see what I mean. Each of the 4 pitches are marked in quite different spots in the enhanced version than they are on the classic version. Which begs the question, are either of them right?

  95. Gameday

    The pitch location in the classic version uses our old stringer data which is not exact, but is our best human attempt to approximate location. In the enhanced version, we are using a camera system (more detail on this coming soon on the blog) to track the trajectory and its quite accurate.

  96. noaaddition@nosubtraction.com

    i have basically the same opinion as those above, however, i’d like you to do something about the blank space between the batter and the mound. They both look very unrealistic with primitive graphics, and the large black space between the two is annoying. However, I think one of the most important features of the “original” gameday was the stadium outline and where the plays happened. Also, you don’t have to say “AMAZING GRAB!”, but it would be nice to say if the fielder has to dive or jump to catch the ball, or if an attempted dive/jump was unsuccessful. Again, some great features, but needs work. Looking forward to enjoying the final product!

  97. jimmygcomputersvc@comcast.net

    In my opinion, it’s a big improvement. I’m sure the stringers were doing their best to locate the pitches, but their accuracy cwas pretty bad on occasion. Admittedly, I have scouty interests so I can understand some of the complaints about it being too much. Classic is still available for those people.

    The “break” stat is very confusing since we don’t know in which direction the break was. It’s also peculiar to see the fastballs breaking 10-12″ and the off-speed pitches breaking 2-3″. I imagine it’s the “hop” on the fastball that’s causing this, but it’s counter-intutitive since the fastball is considered to have no vertical break.

    A little arrow indicating the direction of the break would be nice. It would be even better if it was displayed on the pitch trajectory graphic as maybe a cutout of where the no spin pitch would go and an arrow pointing to where it actually went. It would also be better to compare to a generic 90 mph four-seam fastball as opposed to a no spin pitch of the same velocity.

    I also agree that the 3/4 view obscures the information and that a straight-on or close to straight on view would be better. You could enlarge the strikezone if it gets too busy; it’s not necessary to show the batter from nose to toes.

    Overall, this is very exciting. I look forward to the coming refinements.

  98. james.k.cady@lmco.com

    It would be nice to be able to get some more info on the pitchers. A click on the pitchre could bring up another window with the data. Also, the results box does not seem to get each hitters result

  99. onecrazycraig@hotmail.com

    Great concept but I was wondering is you could do a big text version. I often get up from my computer and cant see the screen and then have to keep coming back to it to check what just happened. Also you guys should have free audio of the playoff games. Just put up a couple ad banners to compensate.

  100. anolick@att.net

    Not sure where you want comments on issues, here or by the faq.

    Anyway, classic view of gameday for for top of the 9th for Oakland today:

    Top 9TH B:1 S:2 O:1

    With Mark Ellis batting, wild pitch by Joe Nathan, Nick Swisher scores

    No indication on Gameday Enhanced regarding how the run scored.

  101. fcm33@msn.com

    This is a geat addition to Gameday! So far my only suggestion would be to better contrast the strike zone lines with the background color. With the easy toggle back to all the great info available on Gameday Classic, so far, this is great. Well done.

  102. mfox518@netzero.com

    I would like to see foul balls represented in a different color to avoid confusion between strikeouts and foul balls. Great job, my office productivity is way down thatnks to this great new enhancement…

  103. daveforb@sbcglobal.net

    like the enhanced version, but what happened to the last out in the bottom of the inning? when you review previous innings results the 3rd out in hte bottom half isn’t always shown.

  104. mrmrsdavis@verizon.net

    I like the enhanced version but would like the view of above the field to see where the ball lands. Also miss the lineup and think the views should be striaght in line not 3/4but all in all very nice job.

  105. skip44444@optonline.net

    There is confusion now in how you color the pitch after it is released by the pitcher and before it crosses the plate. Both balls and strikes are colored RED, however after they cross the plate, strikes become red and balls become green. To be consistent why not make a strike always red and a ball always green from the release point through crossing the plate.

  106. brianstarr58@hotmail.com

    I would like to talk about intentional walks. I think that they are ruinning the game. Here is my suggestion…one intentional walk per game. After that, if you intentionally walk someone, they automatically get second base. If the ump thinks you are not pitching to someone, they automatically get second base. Let’s stop pussyfooting around and play the game.

  107. mdcohan1@msn.com

    Hi. Wow, it’s definitely a fancy new hi-techy design, but there is also, it seem, a lot lost along the way. I suspect a lot of that will change when the two versions are integrated. But right now one thing that bugs me with the enhanced version is that there’s no strong visual indicator when something significant happens. The classic view has the rolling “Home Run” banner and the “K.” When I watched the enhanced version, I get surprised by things that happen because I’m mesmerized by pitch speeds. Over all, though, very nice!

  108. larry@larryseltzer.com

    Yuck! Buncha gimmicks. I have a lot of problems with the classic Gameday, but this is no improvement, especially when it’s missing basic things like pitch count.

    If you want to improve Gameday add useful information like who’s warming up in the bullpen

  109. jpoweziak@yahoo.com

    the new game day is cool but needs to show where the ball was hit. also it needs to have a srcoll bar on right to srcoll down whole window

  110. mikefloyd@optusnet.com.au

    Congrats on a beautiful design job with the new enhanced gameday–much easier to look at and more engaging too. great to see pitch speed included and am looking forward to seeing pitch count eventually too.

  111. bug4kc@comcast.net

    I agree with larry… well sorta!

    Please add who is warming up in the bullpens and the pitch counts. PLEASE I beg of you. Other than that I love the new look and so do others that I turned onto it this evening for the Tigers v A’s game.

  112. fjc33@adelphia.net

    If the object of this exercise is to convey information, this isn’t an “enhancement.” It is too gimmickey. Baseball is the field, boxscore, and current batter-pitcher. I think that by any objective measure, the “classic” version conveys more information than does the “enhanced” version. Change, for the sake of change (and whiz-bang appeal) is not always a good thing.

  113. colleen.obrien@sbcglobal.net

    Why can’t you view the last batter who had an out on the previous innings? It result never shows up. It just goes to the next inning. I am tired of having to go to the classic mode to verify what happened.

  114. jakobgschwarz@yahoo.com

    I like the new Gameday, there is just one thing that I think is missing, On the classic mode, if you put the curser over the picture of the current pitcher, a small screen pops out showing you how many pitches he has thrown, and how many were balls and how many were strikes. This is a convenient reference point to see how long the pitcher has been in the game and how well he is doing. There is no such feature in the new mood.
    Besides that the new mood is great.

  115. 02bruin@gmail.com

    What the heck is wrong with gameday lately? It’s not updating my game, it’s like it’s not working at all!!! The scores on the top never update and all of the games are still in pregame even though I know the Cubs have 2 runs. I mean, I’ve been looking at Clay Hensley striking out Matt Morris for 15 minutes. I get it all ready!

  116. pd0@cox.net

    I was able to view Gameday (Yankees Games) all last season realtime action. Now I can open Gameday, but it never changes from the time I open it. Did you change this now with a cost to view?

  117. skusenda@ces-chatt.com

    I have an odd gameday problem was hoping someone has seen this. I got a new Dell Inspirion 1501 Vista Home premium and the gameday updates really odd. It sits there maybe 90 seconds and does nothing, then sometimes 5 or 6 pitches in a row show up. Sometimes entire at bats get skipped. I have another Dell laptop, Inspiroin 6400, same Windows Vista (almost exact same laptop), and gameday works fine on it. ANybody seen this?

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