Gameday chat update

Many of you have asked to have Gameday chat restored, and we haven’t provided much detail about that, so here is a quick update.

We’ve completely retired the old chat engine for a number of reasons: it was unreliable, could only support a very limited number of concurrent users, was very limited in features and was not integrated with other products.

In its place, we will be rolling out a completely revamped chat service by the All-Star break. However, it will not be a Gameday-only chat; instead, it will be better integrated with MLB.TV, the Fantasy Open and other products, with the goal of creating a more complete and immersive user experience.

We know that chat has been a very popular feature of Gameday so we are working hard to restore it and appreciate everyone’s patience while we build out this new version.


The Gameday team


Does this mean we’ll have to pay for one of those services to use the chatrooms?

How do we go about “chatting” anyway?

By the all star break? are you kidding me

Could you please set the pfx program up in Boston quickly?

One other feature I would like for the starting pitcher is a pitch count by inning to see if he is getting batter out more quickly earlier or later in the game.

Screw the pfx until the chat is working

Hi. As a red sox fan in L.A., I’ve been relying on gameday the last 3 years, and wanted to thank everyone at for this great program. I just wanted to say a couple of things that could of very, very minor things i’ve noticed that could make it even better.
1: I think this would be really, really easy to do: make it so that if you’re on the west coast, it shows the gametimes in pacific time.

2: when you look at the spray chart of the game’s hits and outs, it doesn’t show plays in which the fielder made an error.

Small things, maybe stupid, I know. Thanks again for the great work.

ok wow u guys r idiots. the old gameday chats were fine. i dont understand why ur changing them. and wow the all star break? half the season is done by then. wut a joke

On the scoreboard on the top of Gameday, can you add how many outs there are to the situation shown? It is nice to be able to see the inning and baserunners, but adding how many outs would be simple and provide a lot more information on the game situation. Thanks.

I miss the bench and bullpen……….Is that info there and I am just missing something ??

While you’re working on the new chat, can you please just temporarily give us the old chat?


yea this is really making everyone verry pissed off how hard is it to make a new chat

You should put how many outs there are on the scoreboard. I really like this version of gameday. Thanks!

this is wut i have to say to u gameday. u guys r the laziest bunch of ppl ever. uve had all winter to set up these chat rooms and decide now to start? wow u guys r a bunch of ******. no sense of making chat rooms now. seasons half over. good bye nubs

Hello, i cant get the advanced gameday to work anymore. It worked for a game, but now doesnt function. help would be appreciated, especially if emailed

We have to wait ’til the All-Star break to get the chat rooms rebuilt? The melted freeway bridge in the Oakland will be finished quicker. What is this, rocket science?

try going to gamedaychat dot com they look to have a good chat service there

There was nothing wrong with the old chat.
It better be available to people you do not purchase a premium service on

Thats B.S,at first you guys said by the second week of the season.Then you will say “It will be ready by the World Series”.

One suggestion for an enhancement, also mentioned by others: add the number of outs to the scoreboard. (Maybe directly above the team scores, where there is currently a hole between the “LIVE” and the inning?) Otherwise, excellent job.

I like your blog theme so much.

Can I port this theme to Lifetype (a Blog platform)?

i hate black people

my name is vilson bunjaj,and i love the yankees, season ticket holder.

pretty sad how it takes half a season plus the offseason to make a chat room. pathetic




Can someone tell the tech that the Phils are playing the WSOX … not the Cubs.

“I miss the bench and bullpen……….Is that info there and I am just missing something ??”

There are two ways to get that info. One, there’s a dropdown menu where it says Boxscore in the right frame. You can choose to see the bench there instead of the boxscore.

Alternately, you can use the old version of Gameday. Just change the URL from to and you’ll get the old Gameday back.

Is there a mini-gameday that can just take up a tiny corner of my desktop and show the score, count, runners and outs until I click on it and it explodes into the whole scenario ? I’ve looked, but have not been able to find such a thing … sure would be nice for those of us who have to sneak looks while working …

Why not provide information on bullpen activity? It’d be great to know when someone is warming up.




You guys are pathetic, and most likely it probably won’t even be out by the All-Star Break, nobody asked for the chat to be changed it was fine the way it was. Other than the mods they banned people if you didn’t like their favorite team pretty much. Its called Gameday “Chat” for a reason we don’t need any extra **** on it.

You guys got to be kidding!!

The All-Star break will be here soon.Better get it up and running.

just a question, i have recently discovered gameday and really like the ball (pitch) trajectory information, but many times it is not shown, how can i get it to show up?

I’d just like to say “thank God for gameday. I live in Indiana and root for the Dodgers. Apparantly if you don’t pull for the *******’ Yankees (who ****!!!), Red Sox or Mets, you won’t see your team on national tv very often. I urge all fans like me to boycott ESPN. Thanks and “THINK BLUE”

I only have one more comment on a potential addition: the scores at the top of the screen for the other games need to show the number of outs in the other games…it could be as simple as zero, one, or two dots immediately to the left of “live”.

I can’t really offer any complaints – not a bad system, unlike the REDS.

Why is there a commercial before the gameday audio comes on. I am already PAYING for the link. And the gameday should be sized for 800×600, for those of us who are older.

lets go yankees

the yankees should have the sand man in the all star game

wow open the dam chat rooms already. mlb doesnt listen to the fans at all. first of all ppl want the old gameday back and they still dont do anything about it. now chat rooms arent even open. MLB is just terrible

COME ON now we have been without chat for a half a season now i am not much of a computer guy but come on does it really take this long to make a new chat. and how much better can it possibly be it better get up and get me a beer or something. and what was wrong with what we had hope to see all u guys before next season

still no chat? all-star break? this *****!!!!!!!!

In its place, we will be rolling out a completely revamped chat service by the All-Star break.

^^^^ that shows how much we can trust these people

cmon lets get the frigen chats going everyones getting pissed cmon set it and lets go this mesege is bs


cmon plz open them up unless ur talking about alstarbreak next year cmon ur making tons of people upset

I’ve been using gameday for 4 years and at the start of this season I was surprised to see the chat gone.
Then I was pissed when I heard it wouldn’t be ready until the All Star Break, but I still patiently waited.



I know you stupid jerks were going to lie.All Star break,Ha.
What are you guys trying to figure out how to charge us more money to use all the features on


well where is the chat this really *****. oh we are goin to make a new chat. what the f was wrong with what we had. how hard can it be to make a new chat. why could they leave the old one until the new one was done. this blows why do i still trun my computer on every night and go to because chat was great and i miss u guys mlb *****.

who cares about this chat room thing gameday is just to watch don’t hurry mlb.

lol this **** is funny how u guys act like its the end of the world because u dont hav ******* mlb gameday chat….its not that big of a deal i think we’re all gonna live whether they get the chat fixed or not….WHO GIVES A ****

Why is there still no chat? Just bring back the old one. Better than no chat.

WHO CARES ABOUT THIS CHAT JUNK. You people are making a big deal over nothing.

Peter if you don’t care then why do you care so much about the comments, some people want the chats back because some people are nice enough to give faster play by play, so GTFO if you don’t FU*KING CARE.

gameday is to watch baseball okay if you want to talk to your friends do it on instant messenger.

this is the funniest **** i ever read in my life

“well where is the chat this really ****. oh we are goin to make a new chat. what the f was wrong with what we had. how hard can it be to make a new chat. why could they leave the old one until the new one was done. this blows why do i still trun my computer on every night and go to because chat was great and i miss u guys mlb ****.

Posted by: | July 13, 2007 08:09 PM”

peter sthu now.

Mlb is ******* lame

yeah i agree with peter who cares about this chat room stuff

if u dont care about the chat rooms then get off this *********** ****** mother ******

no i have my rights on here okay

take it easy omghr

i agree with griffey and peter about gameday go some where else and chat people

Ive got to say that i also feel disapointed that the chat rooms arnt up yet….Mlb guys you didnt keep your word but… to you all who are ticked off, ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!! so dont start acting like it plz. Im sure these mlb guys ( or i hope, lol) have their own lives. So… GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!

um i like to chat about baseball. i have AIM and i chat with friends there but i want the baseball chat up now. ****

TOO ****** BAD *****….lol

me>u. k sit down

i miss the chat, too. where’s the chat?

what the **** does that mean

hew cares about this chat room thing.

Ok some people may not really care about this but if you dont then why are you here??? But anywho MLB clearly stated “we will be rolling out a completely revamped chat service by the All-Star break” well its not months past the all star break but I seriously think its time to open it up. If MLB is trying to create publicity to there website its really not working. If you have a bunch of people who just want a single gameday chat open to talk about baseball and MLB cant provide that then this isnt a website any of us should be on. There are solutions
1)May be open up a temporary chat for fans

2)Update us (Honestly)

But when and if this chat comes out it better be the best one ever cause they have been working on this for almost a year now. So we will see

Can you view who is remaining on the bench for each team in gameday?

RED SOX FANS U CAN CHAT AT Very nice chat in there unlike in gameday

I have kept quiet, and been patient all of this time, but, as a Cardinal fan, who is suffering through this horrible season, I need my buddies on chat. Please restore it. Thank you

All the guys that are complaining are probably only two people using different email addresses, so Gameday workers, don’t hurry. They must be losers if they post complaints here twice a week.

why do ppl that dont care about the chat post here? idiots

this is horrible. way to go!


Ok, I see the chat link at the top of the gameday window, but when I click on it all I get is a big, blank, white window……what gives?

omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it omg fix it

You guys got it up, but you have a problem, it turns up blank

Anyone get the chat to work?

Hey MLB, since it seems like your finally getting the chats up and hopefully they are almost fixed, and if they are fixed by tonight or tomorrow morning. How about having a chat room available to all fans all day tomorrow to talk about the trades and rumors and stuff like that?

these MLB ppl r ******. dont tell us any updates on anything.


Hey MLB u need to reopen chat.
I also have some suggestions

1)show which (if any) players are warming up in the bullpen

2)I have started to see more in game highlights shown, but it would be nice if there were all the ones that you end up seeing at the end of the game

i dont even see the link for the chat, where is it?

mlb took is back down cause they cant figure out how to make it work


I used to be a Gameday Chatter and now I have Where’s the chat for that?

gameday ppl i really miss the chats. can u open them pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease



Gameday keeps crashing Firefox. I have a Dell, Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz with 512 MB of RAM.

Very annoying. This has happened to me on multiple computers.

When is gameday chat going to be up and running?

Will you expand gameday for bigger monitors because the extra black space is kind of annoying. It looks great this year though! Great improvments!


wow holly lol


yankees done

I love the feature providing pitch data, but I believe there is a serious error in your data- and it is on the very pitch Bonds hit for #756. Here are the reported stats:

Release 60.7mph

Result 56.4mph

pFX 13.5″

break 11.5″

-9.6 degrees

To get right to the point, I just don’t accept that this data is correct. Bacsik commented after the game that he threw a fastball, and got it over the plate. If you watch replays, it seems apparent that this is the case. Yet, the data captured here indicates a slow curve, and the location off the plate substantially. HELP!

This is an historically important artifact that should be vetted thoroughly before it is permitted to be disseminated further. You have a responsibility to check and re-check this data, corroborate vs. other sources, ie radar guns, and make sure it is correct.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

be quiet

tomterp80 no one gives a **** about what u think nor are they going to read ur long *** post

Brassmonkey, sorry if I used words too long for you. Get your mom to help you next time.


open the chats mlb now. u guys r unbelieveable. all star break? nt. i should sue u guys.

tomterp80 you can *** my nuts son. take a seat u r owned.

What is the pFX (Pitch-f/x?) statistic. I cannot find this statistic documented anywhere.

okay, seriously. This is getting ridiculous. August 10th and still no gameday?

*** MLB.COM?

what!?!?! You cant say W-TF?

P.S. GO ASTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shut ur stupid face kpchad

ill stab u

everyone go to there you can log in to any chat room you want ….seems no one else knows about this chat room

Ever1 go to especcialy yankee fans

I love this blog that they made and the Twins. P.S GO TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wth this blog is dumb. lol they dont update u on anything u weirdo. sit down

I cannot use Gameday if that stupid butterfly ad for Comcast is going to flap indefinitely.

Make it stop!

SO, What is the deal? When are they going to have gameday chat back up and running?

Game day does not fit the window. Content is to large and I cannot view everything. I have tried Firefox and explorer and they both do it. Can anyone tell me how to fix it ? I have also tried flashplayer 8 and 9…

seasons almost over., you guys s.uck

As a Mass. native living in N.J. I love Gameday. Switching to and from other important games and following former Bosox players is great. Carlos Pena played ball for my high school and our town follows him closely. I can call home and have better info than the locals. Thanks MLB

What is your screen resolution?
>>>Game day does not fit the window. Content is to large and I cannot view everything. I have tried Firefox and explorer and they both do it. Can anyone tell me how to fix it ? I have also tried flashplayer 8 and 9…

Posted by: | August 19, 2007 02:23 PM

hay man



wth who cares about pfx? ppl care about chat rooms who r posting here dummy.

“In its place, we will be rolling out a completely revamped chat service by the All-Star break. ”



MLB Gameday sounds like its started out at the top, and nose-dived to the bottom. MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT! BRING P/FX TO ALL GAMES AND GIVE US A TRUTHFUL UPDATE ON THE CHAT!

Where is the gameday chat feature? You said in May it’d be back by the allstrat break. What gives? I’ve emailed MLB gamday and they don’t seem to know anything about gameday chat, they act like they’ve never heard of it before.

Guys use ProTrade Live instead of Gameday!!!

It has the same functions as classic Gameday plus you can chat!



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