Gameday FAQ – April 13, 2007

Thanks to everyone for their feedback — good and bad — on the new Gameday design and features.

Below is a list of some of the main questions and comments posted on the blog since Opening Day. Yes, we have been listening, and we will do our best to address as many of the concerns expressed here as we can. We hope that everyone who took the time to post comments will also read through the FAQ to learn more about the changes we’ve made, what we’re working on now and what our plans are in the future.

Although some of the comments suggest otherwise, we didn’t make these changes without considering you, the fans… in fact, feedback on this blog (feedback, feedback and more feedback) during the 2006 postseason was extremely favorable towards the debut of the Pitch-f/x data, so our goal was to incorporate this new data into the main Gameday interface and provide the best of both worlds in one place: the most detailed and exclusive data possible along with all of the other Gameday features that everyone has come to enjoy.

All of the changes we made to Gameday this year were thoroughly and carefully planned by a group of passionate baseball fans who are committed to making this application the fastest, most detailed and most informative way to follow any live sport online. That has been our commitment since we first launched Gameday in 2001 and hasn’t changed.

Thanks again for your feedback on Gameday ’07, keep the comments coming!

— The Gameday team

Q: Why did you get rid of the "classic" version of Gameday?

A: Actually, it’s still there: the out-of-town scoreboard and current game information are still in the top header; the field view options and complete game play-by-play are still in the left column; the pitcher vs. batter matchup is detailed in the center column; the box score is still in the right column. The changes we made to Gameday this year were almost entirely to accommodate the detailed pitch speed, trajectory and location data — the "Pitch-f/x data" — that is exclusive to The pitcher vs. batter matchup is at the heart of the game of baseball and we felt that making changes to add more detail on this matchup would ultimately result in a more informative and entertaining product.

Q: Can I still use the "classic" version of Gameday?

A: Games from 2006 and earlier are still available in the version of Gameday that was current when they were played. However, all games in 2007 and beyond will be provided solely in the 2007 version of Gameday.

Q: Why is Gameday using up so much of my CPU?

A: This is a major concern for us and we are taking steps to make Gameday less resource-intensive on your computers. The first step is the addition of an "Options" button in the upper right hand corner of the window, which allows you to enable or disable the 3D pitch illustrations and other animated features in the interface. Selecting the "2D" and/or "Less" options will significantly reduce the processing power required by Gameday. In addition, the 2D view is now the default for all games where we do not have the Pitch-f/x data available, so we won’t be using excessive processing power for features that don’t exist. Going forward we’ll continue to examine and fine-tune the entire application to make it as lean as possible.

Q: Why is the Gameday window so big?

A: Gameday is the same size as last year in terms of height, almost to the pixel. While it is indeed wider, this change was made to accommodate the exclusive new pitch data we’ve added this year. Still, the new Gameday window size still fits completely on the screen of any 1024×768 monitor, as do all pages on

Q: Why is the Pitch-f/x data only shown for some games but not others?

A: The Pitch-f/x technology is currently up and running in eight ballparks — Atlanta, Chicago (White Sox), Los Angeles (Angels and Dodgers), San Diego, Seattle, Texas and Toronto — so this new data is currently only available for games played in those ballparks. However, the system will be operational in all 30 ballparks by the end of the season, so expect to see the Pitch-f/x data for more and more games as the season progresses.

Q: What is the PFX value?

A: The "Pitch-f/x" value is currently defined as the measurement of the distance between the location of the actual pitch thrown over the plate, and the calculated location of a ball thrown by the pitcher in the same way, with no spin; this is the value we provided in Enhanced Gameday last season as "Break". The new Break value, which we feel is more appropriate for the common understanding of the term, is defined as the measurement of the greatest distance between the trajectory of the pitch at any point between the release point and the front of home plate, and the straight line path from the release point and the front of home plate. By this definition, a Barry Zito curveball will have a much greater Break value than a Brad Penny fastball.

(By the way, the "camera control" in the 3D batter area allows you to view each pitch from any of six different viewpoints, so you can see the trajectory and location of each pitch from multiple angles.)

Q. Where are the results of the previous at-bats?

A: Although we haven’t restored the mouseover to the current batter’s headshot, we’ve added labeling to the display of the previous at-bats under the picture. In addition, you can find the results of previous at-bats for any batter by selecting any at-bat from the Game Summary table in the lower left corner, under the field graphic. This will refresh the headshots to display the pitcher and batter for the selected at-bat, and the results of all at-bats for the selected batter will be displayed underneath the picture.

Q: Why is the boxscore so small? Why is ad so big?

A: The box score is the same size as ever, includes the same depth of data and is updated just as quickly as ever before. However, the ad size provided here is what is preferred by the sponsors, whose support for Gameday allows us to make this feature available for free. Although more of the box score is obscured this year by the ad, you can quickly and easily switch to the batting table for the visiting or home team, or the pitching table, by clicking on one of the three local links directly under the linescore.

Q: Where are chat rooms?

A: We are completely rebuilding the chat rooms to provide a better and more useful user experience. We know the chat rooms are a popular feature and will make them available again as soon as possible!

Q: Where is the key that defines the different pitch types?

A: We’ll be restoring this key — green for balls, red for strikes and blue for hit into play — in the very near future.

Q: What other enhancements and improvements are coming?

A: We’re committed to constantly improving and enhancing Gameday, and here are a few things in the works for the coming weeks:

* Batter’s boxes and foul lines will be added to the 3D pitcher/batter area to provide a more realistic depiction of the field and better context;

* A redesigned Game Summary in the lower left corner will make that game information easier to navigate and more useful;

* In-game video highlights are available now and will be provided even more frequently as the season progresses;

* The "alerts" ticker will be restored soon, and will ultimately include a feature you can use to get alerts that will help you follow your fantasy or favorite players in other games;

* Eventually, real-time pitch types — fastball, curveball, slider, etc. — will be available for games where the Pitch-f/x system is operational.

* * *



    Any chance on getting a documented feed of the actual data instead of GameDay? Would be cool to make charts and analysis out of…


    Well I appreciate the fact that you gave us some straight forward answers regarding classic gameday. Despite that I’ll still be switching to yahoo to follow games that I don’t watch on mosaic. You took a great build (classic gameday) and completely ruined it with needless bells and whistles that the majority of posters don’t even like. It is extremely slow, often 2 batters behind real time.

    P.S. The majority of people don’t care about your pitch trajectory rubbish, they would rather have an intuitive system that works and isn’t slow.


    Two weeks into the season and you still can’t make it work properly. I want to see what happened in the first even though it is 1/2 hour later. The game summary slide goes from the first batter , jumps to the middle of the bottom of the inning. Very annoying, when are you going to fix it?


    This gameday *****. I loved the classic gameday but now they changed everything. I used to be able to watch the games in real time but now I have to wait 2 minutes before the screen does anything(Sometimes 2 or 3 batters later). Gets boring and Id rather just watch espn scoreboard on my phone and keep refreshing. Better than this slooooooooowwwww ****. Also nobody cares about how much the ball breaks during every single pitch. Thanks for trying mlb but way off this time.


    “..all games in 2007 and beyond will be provided solely in the 2007 version of Gameday.”

    UNACCEPTABLE. You clearly are not listening to the fans (the vast majority want Classic back, check the comments), there is absolutely NO reason that you can’t provide both versions. NO reason at all.

    I can’t understand why on Earth you are doing this, you’re only forcing people to switch from Gameday, because on many computers it is simply too slow to use. (even on newer dual-core CPUs)

    The new Gameday was simply programmed in an inefficient manner, and many of us are suffering because of this.

    Unfortunately for you, that large advertisement you now have covering the box score won’t be providing much revenue to you, because everyone I have spoken to is switching to CBS Sportsline and other services. Including myself.

    Goodbye, Gameday. You guys sure did one heck of a job screwing up a great service. Apparently you’ve never heard the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


    To everyone else who is considering switching: I would also suggest ESPN MLB Gamecast, it seems like one of the better game viewers available.


    I greatly appreciate your response to our comments. I’m glad you’re reading them. But I don’t feel you’re listening.

    Classic Gameday is gone, no matter what you say. All the features of Classic Gameday are around, but now they’re hidden, hard to access, slow, oddly large or small, and difficult to use. They ONLY feature I like is one you haven’t implemented yet – real-time pitch types (fastball, curve, etc.) If you added that to Classic Gameday (2006 version), it would be perfect.

    Please, listen to your users. Make Classic Gameday available along with this new version. You’ll please everyone.

    Right now, I’ll be using Yahoo! Gamecenter.


    I’d like to congratulate MLB Advanced Media for managing to make us temporarily forget how badly they messed up the message boards. Bravo!


    Oh yeah, I’d also like to congratulate them for stupidly posting the email addresses of all of us who leave comments. Real smart, folks…fortunately, since you never bother to verify the email addresses you collect, mine’s a fake.


    “All of the changes we made to Gameday this year were thoroughly and carefully planned by a group of passionate baseball fans who are committed to making this application the fastest, most detailed and most informative way to follow any live sport online.”

    You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

    “The box score is the same size as ever”

    This is an out and out lie. It may have the same data, and the window may be the same width, but the height of the box is noticeably shorter. This makes it far less useful.

    You people are worse than the Justice Department. You should be ashamed.


    My gameday constantly has errors and closes out all of my internet explorer’s that I had up. Could you do anything to fix this? And also, how long until the chat rooms are working?


    A relatively minor complaint, but the start times for games that haven’t begun yet really need to be displayed in the out of town scoreboard. There’s absolutenly no reason not to display the start times of every game that hasn’t started yet.

  13. Erik

    I don’t know what all the complaining is about for the pfx data. I just sampled it with the Blue Jay game and I think it’s pretty cool. I think that is some very useful knowledge. I think it would be interesting if someone could compile it to give us like the average break of a barry zito curve, or a jeremy bonderman slider. I can’t wait ’til it’s more widely available.

    all this complaining about good ol’ gameday being gone is sort of absurd to me. good ol’ gameday wasn’t that great.


    Good ol’ gameday was hands down the best thing available that wasn’t TV, the radio, or the real game. I cannot stress enough that the new Gameday is cluttered with useless info and poorly designed in general. Bring back classic gameday.


    Wow… I myself and many other fans have lost all respect for your programs… how many times can we ask for you to provided us with the classic old version… i dont understand it at all… the stupidity and selfishness at digusts myself and many other… i will not be using your feature any longer untill maybe you wake up and listen to us


    Once again, you guys are over doing, and it’s terrible..
    Forget the speed and all of that..

    GAMEDAY IS SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, and i mean slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..


    I like the new look. However, it seems it is slow and out of sync. The scoreboard says 1-0 Angels over Red Sox. Gameday says 6-1 but it will be on the wrong batter and something shows the same batter twice in an inning (and not because the team hit around in that inning). I have to constantly reload the program and keep in mind I have have a system with 1GB of RAM and a super fast internet link. The changes are nice but the system is not real time and sometimes it is beind by as much as one whole inning. Hopefully, fixes this.


    “Q: Why did you get rid of the “classic” version of Gameday?

    A: Actually, it’s still there:”

    Wow. Actually, no it’s not. And being smug and disingenuous about it doesn’t help.

    The new Gameday application is a resource-hog that makes information more difficult to find. This is not a successful update.


    MLB: Thank you for your reply to the complaints. Unfortunately, this does not resolve the issues. The new version is too cluttered with useless bells & whistles. Until that is resolved, I will use Yahoo or ESPN.


    When I am looking for the boxscore for the whole game, I have to go through every inning. It would be nice if there were an “ALL” option.


    When you respond to the complaints about Classic by saying “Actually, it’s still there” then that’s just obnoxious, isn’t it? We’re trying to help you improve your service. Please don’t be rude about it (I’m sorry that many of the complaints have been rude; there’s no defense for that, but don’t take it out on all of us).

    The fact is, Gameday Classis is NOT “still there.” Classic was a simple and elegant way of watching MLB on the Internet. There is no longer a simple and elegant way. Saying “it’s still there” is like taking my kitchen table away and giving me a 747 aircraft in return. “It’s got a table in it, so what are you complaining about?” you ask. Yes, it does have a table in it. But all I want is my table.

    In the meantime, someone here suggested ESPN Gamecast. I’ve checked it out and am (relatively) impressed. I’ll use that until Classic is back.


    Funny how comments almost always draw out such negative comments, I imagine most people just use it. And probably find the new features pretty cool. I can’t wait till the get the pitch information in Houston. Not sure about what ya’ll are saying about it being slow, but it seems to work fine for me. I even use it to review information even if I’m watching the game live on tv.


    I want to know why the old version is not available for use. Many people with older computers and poor eyesight were well served by the old version. The oversized and, in my view, unnecessary addition of the “batter” box has pushed much of the right hand side of the gameday screen out of the view of these people. I am deeply saddened by your inexplicable decision not to offer the old service for those unable or unwilling to use your “upgraded” gameday. I sincerely hope you change your mind before I and many others abandon MLB for other, more user friendly alternatives.


    There are two outs in the bottomw of the 10th inning of the Cubs/Padres game. There’s been no update for over five minutes. Someone wake up, please!


    Well, some nice bits in the new version, but some broken bits too. On the right column, if you choose LINEUPS, the old version was friendly enough to swap teams every half inning and highlight the batter. The new version does nothing besides leave ad space.

    The old version had a side-scrolling ‘other games’ bar at the top that stayed wherever I left it. The new version has little dots to show what is happening (nice) but then makes the entire bar scroll up and down (bad). So now it is IMPOSSIBLE to watch a few games when one is on the first bar and the others on the second bar.

    Bring back the side-scrolling Other Games and the smart Lineups.


    I appreciate what you are trying to achieve. It’s not easy pleasing everybody.

    My wish is to have the new gameday be modular, in the sense that people could choose which features they would like to employ. If , for example, I wasn’t interested in the previous batter/at-bats or the spd/brk/pfx data, I could choose to deselect them. This would help reduce clutter as well as bandwidth problems.

    Good luck.


    The main issue here is whether the program works or not. Right now gameday is so slow and inaccurate as to be unusable. You do have competition and as long as they have products giving an accurate and up to date score and you don’t, people will vote with their feet. I’m using yahoo now while games are in progress but I will switch back to your product when your programmers can make it work as I feel it is superior.

    The one thing gameday is great for now is dissecting performances after games have finished. I’m looking at Daisuke’s pitching performance from earlier today. You also get to see the bad calls by umpires. When this is all functional when a game is in progress it’ll be a really good product, but for now it is only good to review performances which is not what the vast majority of people use gameday for.


    I for one am a big fan of the new gameday. It provides much more interesting information than classic did, and it doesn?t take too much effort to get acclimated to the new interface. I also haven?t had any of the lagging problems that other people seem to be complaining about. One thing that I didn?t see addressed was the lag between gameday and gameday audio. I would like to be able to listen to games while I keep track of what is going on and get detailed pitch information on gameday, but the visual version constantly runs about 10-20 seconds faster than the audio and spoils what is about to happen. Any chance you could add a feature to run the gameday program on a delay?

  29. Dragonfly

    The “feature” I most want from Gameday is something that I shouldn’t have to ask for — all I want it to do is NOT be slower and less reliable than the previous version. Faster and more reliable would be nice, but not having a decrease in performance is vital.

    Particularly frustrating is that while it is in the often painstakingly slow process of updating to the next batter, sometimes it shows flatly incorrect information — i.e. Batter A strikes out on 3 pitches, Batter B grounds out to short, and then Batter C comes up to bat, and part of the display changes to show Batter C’s name, but it is still showing the details of the 4-pitch at-bat in which Batter B grounded out, making it look as if Batter B was skipped entirely and Batter C has grounded out to short. It’s not hard to catch the incorrect information by looking at the lineup, since clearly the team will NOT skip Batter B, but that’s a new problem to the 2007 version of Gameday and one that really makes me wish I had the less-fancy but mostly accurate 2006 version back.


    MLB Gameday has always been better than ESPN. The ESPN gameday is all flashy graphics and animation and no info.
    Unfortunately, MLB seems to be trying to emulate the fancy look of ESPN. The classic was streamlined and fast. That is what the Sportsline one is now. It’s ugly and disorganized, but it’s fast and tells me what I need to know. So I use it.


    Is there still a Gameday Mini?
    I found that very handy to use while working on my PC. This new Gameday takes up too much space on my desktop.

    Will you be adding Gameday Mini?


    At the risk of being very unpopular, I want to say that I am a big fan of the new Gameday. I think it’s a big improvement over the previous version and it’s my game tracker of choice. It’s a bit busy at first, but I’ve grown accustomed to everything. Kudos for every innovation.


    wow u guys r ridiculous! how do u not have the gameday chat rooms open yet. opening night u said it would be a few weeks and its already been 3. where r the chat rooms? my god


    The pop-up box with the players stats is a great improvement. But it would be nice to see the pitcher’s innings pitched.


    At the risk of making an overblown analogy, the new Gameday reminds me of a book I read about why the the Allies won WWII. One of the reasons was that, for all of their sophistication, German armaments were too complicated. Too many of them didn’t work under the stress of combat field conditions.

    The same can be said of the new Gameday. This is obviously is some bright person’s brainchild. The problem is, that person has no common sense, and has no concept of what it is like for the consumer to try to use his creation.

    It doesn’t work. There are far too many features, and what makes the graphics eyecatching, also makes it almost impossible to read the content. They lack the necessary contrast between background and text to be decipherable. Add the tiny fonts, and you have a nightmare combination for the user.

    The person who approved this should be fired. I can’t read it. You added far too many features that take up too much space.

    I have dabbled with backgrounds and fonts in spreadsheet formats like this. I learned a long time ago that solid dark backgrounds rarely work. You shouldn’t have to squint or concentrate to try to read the essential information. If I want to see how a team scored in the 7th inning, I have to wade through a lot of garbage, then put my face next to the screen to figure out what happened.

    The designers have to realize that anyone following a game on Gameday is most likely doing something else at the time, not simply watching the game as if it were a live TV broadcast. Sure, at crtiical times you might be hanging on every pitch, but generally speaking, you are checking Gameday periodically. Consequently, you should only have to glance at the screen to get the information you want. Here, you have to work far too hard to find, then try to make out what you want to know.

    Even the balls and strikes are tough to follow because of the dark background, which mutes the contrast we need to recognize differences in color.

    Why the batter’s screen is so darn big is beyond me. Again, if it were a true simulation of the live game, maybe it would make sense. But it’s not. It’s not like watching the game on TV, so just give us something we can use again.

    This is worse than the Yugo!


    That was a very well thought out response by ghrosin.

    The bottom line is that this was the creation of a programmer, who has minimal designing skills.

    After reading all of the responses, it is clear that the vast majority of people don’t like your new product, and prefer the old one.

    I’ll consolidate the complaints into a list.

    1. New Gameday is slow, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to update what is going on. This is unacceptable, classic gameday never had this problem.

    2. No chats.

    3. You say that you need those obnoxiously huge ads that eat through bandwith. You say that you need those to keep this service free. I disagree, you are totally focused on profit, at the price of putting out an inferior product. MLB is awash in money, I don’t buy it.

    4. The set up is horrible, the batters box is way to large. You basically took all the useful information and shrunk it down so that it’s worthless.

    5. Whoever wrote that: Q: Why did you get rid of the “classic” version of Gameday?

    A: Actually, it’s still there:

    This person should be fired for treating the consumers like idiots. I pay for your buggy mosaic, so i have a right to complain.

    So I suggest you hand this project over to someone besides a bunch of programmers who only see things in black and white. Let someone who actually understands aesthetics take over this project. Listen to your consumers as well.


    I agree with absolutely everything said. I want to stress a point he made – why in the world is the batter’s screen so HUGE?!?! All you need is a strike zone, a batter for perspective, and you’re done. I love the idea of adding pitch types, but you don’t need 1/3 of the screen as the batter to do that!




    This is obviously is some bright person’s brainchild. The problem is, that person has no common sense, and has no concept of what it is like for the consumer to try to use his creation.






    This may sound picky but:
    1) The ‘new’ pitch-by-pitch info panel is nice. But it doesn’t display the number of pitches unless you open the drop down information about each individual batter/at bat.


    Some people just can’t stand change. I love the new format and information that you are providing. Its been nice to see where pitches are in the strike zone, but I would always wonder what kind of pitch it was. Now you can easily see. Also gameday is still faster then any of the other trackers out there.

    For all those that dont like the additional information that you are providing, they can watch on other sites. I will be watching all my games on gameday. Thanks, keep up the good work!


    Sometimes more isn’t better. I gave the new Gameday a try for a few games, but now that I found the options button I’ve gone back to 2D and less animation. It doesn’t add value to have the pitch locations or ball/strike dots fade in rather than just pop on — it’s inefficient and bandwidth consuming. Just cause you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Somebody else on the board here said it right — the “bells and whistles” aren’t necessary and end up being annoying. I couldn’t track back in the play-by-play section because of the animation hanging up that section — and I have a great system with a high speed connection. There are a couple of things I like — the batter’s box display of the previous batters faced and being able to choose which team or pitchers being continuously displayed in the boxscore window. Other than that, I don’t think you’ve made an improvement. You’ve changed it, but you haven’t made it better.




    Can you please, please, please not allow ads with movies in the bottom right? Right now, I’m talking about that deodorant ad with the deer.

    First off, some of us watch this at work when we can’t get the games any other way. This seriously joepardizes my ability to watch the game — and that means I won’t be using Gameday and the advertisers won’t be getting fewer views.

    Secondly, the motion is incredibly distracting and makes it difficult to actually pay attention to the info about the game, which sort of defeats the purpose.


    please replace the people doing the gameday. none of these guys can keep up and i think i’m gonna switch to sattelite radio. it so frustrating trying to watch a game like this


    Ok MLB, that ad is very annoying. You should use that space so you can see both teams line ups at once. And for an ad, why not play one every half inning when they are switching up in the batting area so you can still get the ads on, that is what sportsline does, i would like to see both linups at once, please do this, it would make alot of ppl happy

    Also…..when are chats coming? It is the only reason I use this


    I fail to see how’s rendition of Gameday is less “flashy” as Gameday’s. The only real Gameday challenger is ESPN’s Gamecast.


    Gameday has definitely taken a large step backwards — particularly in terms of long delays (there can only be so many beachballs on the field); better you should adjust the &*#$@*%! compass for U.S. Cellular Field, which has been wrong since Day One.




    New format is fine. Would like the 3D effect to operative for all ballparks.

    The ad exposure everytime you switch games is very bothersome.


    get an error message when gameday is loading. says there was a problem with an add-on flash8. How do i fix this? started doin that yesterday.


    Same thing here, the 1st time it loads but then when I try to switch to another game i get that error message.


    A nice tiny feature that I think lots of people would find useful: the area where it shows the pitcher’s previous 5 batters faced. If you could add arrows on other side that let the user scroll back further than five batters, that would be nice.


    Why is it everytime I switch from game to game the scroll bar on the side always starts in the middle now? This is very annoying. How do I fix this?


    wow MLB isnt even listening to us. the last message they sent was april 13th. wth. they arent even listening. screw this. im done with them


    Nice new format, but how about a few more changes:
    1. Add the chat rooms

    2. Make the 3D data available in more ballparks

    3. Get rid of the ad in the corner


    “Customer driven innovation wins consistently against technology driven innovation.”
    -Steve Bennett, CEO Intuit Inc.

    WSJ April 17, 2007 (Page R3)



    I can deal with the (extremely) intrusive ads and the shrunken box score, but I can’t deal with the fact that the new Gameday crashes my web browser w/ such frequency. Even with all of the options set to 2D and less, the program is an absolute killer. I guess it’s back to ESPN and/or Yahoo! for me.


    I don’t know what’s wrong with you all, but i like the new gameday…yes it was very slow in the beginning, and i share many of those complaints, but i would reload every couple of innings and it was ok. now i’ve gone to fewer animations and the updates come before the gameday audio. as for the ad in the corner, i have an adblocker so i just have a black square. maybe i’ll check out the other sites, but this works pretty good for me.

    my one question is, how accurate are the balls and strikes? sometimes they look far from where they seem when i see them on tv.


    Is it just me or does gameday crash constantly. I am using Mozilla Firefox and it crashed almost every 5 minutes. Please help thanks


    you people complain way too much..this program is a good alternative when you cannot watch or listen to the games…the program lags a little for me but never freezes..its not that far behind the live baseball game..


    The old Gameday was vastly better.

    Luckily, it’s still available. Just change the URL from to and you’ll get the old Gameday back.


    gameday this year is not quite yet up to par in my opinion. I understand that you are still trying to upgrade it even more. I look foward to using it!


    Not receiving gameday audio feed. No problem logging in.
    Lower left hand corner states –error on page– What’s going on? Any suggestions anybody.


    Your diagram of Busch Stadium in St. Louis on the 2008 Gameday is out of date. The current dimensions, field shape, and compass orientation would have been accurate for the previous Busch Stadium during its final few seasons. But the diagram does not match the “new” Busch Stadium. Thought you might want to correct it.


    Wilmore, KY


    Why won’t the Gameday video feature work during the game?

    Usually I wait to watch the video clips until after the game, and they always play just fine — even in the new “3D Gameday”.

    However, this evening I stepped away from my computer for a while and upon returning tried to watch some of the video clips to understand what had happened in my absence – the videos will not play! The video clips always used to play during the game, or after the game, with the old Gameday version.

    I don’t know if this is the video problem that other people have been complaining about with the new Gameday version, and I’m not really sure if the answer to this problem has already been addressed. I noticed while I was skimming through all the posted comments that there appeared to be some answers offered – I assume by However, I’m not going to waste my time reading 70 posted comments to find the answer for which I am looking. – since so many people seem to be having so many problems with your new product, I think it’s only fair that you devote a special, itemized site for posters to look for answers to their previous asked questions. For example, I should be able to look directly at a section that deals with Gameday videos.

  67. mainejoe

    Hi – I’d like to commend you on the advancements you’ve made to Gameday. I am an information junky, and love your pitch by pitch stats on speed, break, and PFx. I always have the game on TV, and Gameday up at the same time. As good as the announcers are, they just can’t provide all the information that you have on Gameday.

    I have one request. In the Upper Left corner, you have the Pitcher and then below the Batter. When you select the Pitcher, to view his Stats. his hitting stats are displayed. It would be much more informative when selecting a player in the Pitcher sections of the display (Upper left Corner, and Pitcher section of the Box score grid, to displayer the Pitching stats).

    Keep up the good work.


    I would really like to see GameDay resize with my screen. I have the resolution at 1280×1024 and I have to scroll down to see pitches, play-by-play, stats, etc.
    I don’t mind ads, they make it free. But the size of the frames could be improved.


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