Mobile Gameday

Also new this year are mobile versions of Gameday. Yep, get live, pitch-by-pitch datacast of all MLB games on your phone.  One version even has integrated Gameday Audio? feeds, so you can listen live wherever you go with no blackout restrictions.  It?s currently available on selected phones, with more being added all the time. More info here



    Daer Gameday:
    Much enjoy your coverage, but much preferred last year’s. The new layout is slow, clunky, and confusing. Please bring back the old one!!


    i think everyone agrees, the new gameday is terrible compared to last years, trying too hard


    I think the gameday can be improved as well. These ‘improvements’ are not too good.


    guys what are you doing to me. yankees and redsox chats were the best. hey all you great yankee chat fans its nyj from canada. hey RVC FROM MAINE GET BACK TO ME .


    PLEASE bring back the mini-gameday button. It’s the only way I can get away with it at work!! That was the best option. Please bring it back.



    The old gameday was enjoyable. This version is NOT. The two most important parts are (1)the boxscore/lineup info which is now squeezed into a small section at the upper right of the screen, and (2)the game summary, now squeezed into the lower left. Meanwhile, the batter info in the center has a ton of wasted space. It looks cuter but that’s about it. C’mon guys, you can do better!


    Here’s some suggestions for improving gameday– on the right column, kill that ad & make the “boxscore/lineup” extend all the way to the bottom of the column. Reduce the size of the “field” in the upper left column so that it only takes up 1/3 of that column and expand the “game summary” upwards. In the middle column, I love the pitcher & batter details. (Maybe add pitch speed?) You can kill “previous batters faced” and “previous at bats”, they are both redundant with “game summary”, or at least make both much smaller, or perhaps shift them to the right of the “field”. Reduce the size of the “Live” picture, mostly on the sides and give more space to the left column, allowing for the more pertinent “game summary” info. If you MUST have that ridiculous ad, you could put it below the “Live” picture-everyone will see it there too. —Hey, I’m just tryin’ to help!


    sberwick – you can expand the game summary by clicking a tiny [+] thing next to the label. the field gets smaller but it makes following the game easier. i personally like that view better although its still slow as **** on macs.


    dumped this on the post underneath, but I’ll put it on this one too:

    It seems to me that pFX is the amount the a pitch moves in the horizontal direction, and break measured is pFY, or the amount a pitch moves in the vertical direction. Can anyone confirm? If you look at a ton of pitches though, it makes sense, especially if you compare a pitch where pFX is 0 and another where it’s 14 or something.

    Then again, why do I need to know the break, horizontal or vertical, or a pitch during the game?


    hey nyj and brass monkey its me rvc. i will be setting up a yahoo acc. soon hope to see you guys there.


    ***? It’s been 5 months and only 5 phones are available.
    What happended to “with more being added all the time”. ***** @$$, seriously. I’m being trite. Look at the blogs, message boards, and FAQs. THe software (mosaic & silverlight)*****, and the tech support is last to none.

    Waste of 130 ******* dollars.

  12. mainejoe

    I have a Wi-Fi enabled IPod touch. I did sign up for Gameday Audio, which I use from my PC. But when I navigate to the login page using IPod touch the screen is blank?
    I looked at iTunes App Store, and they do offer MLB at Bat, but the description doesn’t list Audio?
    What I’m asking, using my IPod touch, how can I listen to a game live?


    agree with many of the customers ..this year product sucks compared to last years. Last year was seemless and easy…this year slow confusing and problomatic….pls go bac to last years..

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