Hello 2007


We finally launched brand-new Gameday 2007 last week with the debut of Mexican League Games. Despite the last minute rush, we dare say it was much more smooth sailing than we anticipated. This past Thursday March 29, Gameday moved on to Spring Training. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out, but for those of you who want a sneak-peek of the new Gameday before the season opener, be on the lookout for Gameday icons appearing on the Homepage and Scoreboard page in the next few days. We may even have 3D pitch data available for the Freeway Series Games (LA Angels vs LA Dodgers).

This season we have incorporated many of the changes suggested in the comments received so far from last year’s Postseason Games. This includes: merging of "Classic" mode and "Enhanced" mode together so you don’t have to switch between modes to see core game information; adding pitch number in the 3D area; improving and expanding the user interface of Game Archive; improving visibility of scoreboard design; expanding camera angle options; and modifying the break calculation to better represent baseball fan’s definition of breaks (more on this later). You may also notice a new statistics captured — the pFX number. In the next few months we will be providing more information about these new statistics as well as tidbits about Gameday you might enjoy.

While we try to make the application as robust as possible, there are always inevitable bugs here and there. If you are experiencing problems with Gameday 2007, feel free to report it in the comments section.


  1. grade_a_282@yahoo.com

    why cant you change back to original gameday, its either this or box score, which is just plain bad, bring back classic gameday, or at least make it available in additon to this new version

  2. malvanman@hotmail.com

    One of the big features that is missing this year is the option to see what the batters did in their previous at bats. You used to be able to roll over their picture and it would say “1st Inning: Groundout 3rd Inning: Strikeout” or something along those lines. I know that it is available by clicking on the pitch sequence images below the batter’s picture, but then it takes you out of live gameplay.

  3. malvanman@hotmail.com

    Also, you know what would be great?! It would probably be a lot of work on your end, but the option to delay the gameday action to be in sync with the gameday audio. I was on the gameday and gameday audio watching the Dodgers yesterday, and gameday would show the pitch result before the Dodgers radio announcers would even announce that the ball was thrown. So if at all possible, maybe you can add in a feature that allows you to delay the gameday action in 1 second intervals from 0 seconds to 60 seconds. That would be a huuuuge plus!

  4. rgerrond@yahoo.com

    I too am a big fan of the classic Gameday.

    Sometimes this new version just has too many things going on at once to be able to quickly assess what is going on in the game.

  5. btimmermann@gmail.com

    So just how much RAM are you supposed to have to run this? This application just ate up my 2-year old Mac and spit it back out like it was a watermelon seed.

    The application has way too much information. It stalls even more than the Classic version did when there are lineup changes and I really just want to know how the game is going on not the degree of break on Jason Schmidt’s pitches.

  6. mlb@zappala.org

    Free advice for your software developers: dump Flash. It’s too slow, you can’t middle-click to open links in tabs, and the mouse responds poorly under high load. Gameday is way too heavy.

    Go spend a month at Google and learn how to develop fast and light apps that use Ajax instead of Flash.

  7. bokonon42@hotmail.com

    What a bunch of cry babies! I for one embrace the bloat. Any chance of getting a stock ticker and weather bug built in to next year’s game day? And maybe an RSS reader? OH! I’ve got it! It could be an RSS reader that only picks up Bill Gurnick articles! You throw in some way for Gameday to spoof my paypal account and sell me ED pills, it won’t matter that I don’t have any RAM left, what else would I do with it?! I’d have everything in one unresizable window!

    Oh, hang on, I’m driving off a pier. Save me Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan!

  8. jetsman31200@yahoo.com

    Please mlb.com please put in the feature where you can switch back and forth between the enhanced verison and the classic version. The classic version is much more simple and easier to use. PLEASE put this feature in. The classic is much better then the new version and should still be available for everyone. Please!

  9. gautierm2@scranton.edu

    I don’t want to add to the negativity, but my this new gameday is worthless. It freezes for 15 minutes and then speeds through everything you missed before immediatly freezing again. Lame

  10. plarnell@yahoo.com

    I miss old gameday please bring it back I bet on all the games and get so excited when the phrase “run-scoring play” would come up. I will do anything to get the old version no matter how much it costs. I like old gameday way better than this version please bring it back!

  11. plarnell@yahoo.com

    please bring back old gameday I am watching this new version now and it is awful please mlb make the change back. I will buy subscriptions for everything if you bring it back!

  12. twinsfan5777@yahoo.com

    I’d prefer to have the Regular Gameday back from last season. This year I watched one game for the Spring Training games and the Gameday is huge and I cannot see the actual score and the players stats.. i’d prefer the reg gameday. thanks.

  13. twinsfan5777@yahoo.com

    You also need to have a BLOCK button on the chats or a guy named “Siouxdome” will spam every room 24-7. Thank You.

  14. omghr@yahoo.com

    i agree with these two young lads. the chat rooms do need a block button because some silly willys just like to spam and get the clan all wiled up and angry

  15. chyi9999@gmail.com

    i think we could have a 1024*768 gameday windows.

    and the boxscore at right could height 2 times, it’s too short now.

    wish you to improve it, thank you.

  16. dxmachina@aol.com

    My goodness, new “improved” Gameday 2007 is awful. The lineup/boxscore section appears much shorter than it used to be, no doubt so that extra large, annoying Opening Day ad. I have no objection to ads. I do object to ads that use continuously rotating “hey, look at me!” images. Did we learn nothing from all those web sites that used the blink tag?

    As for the rest, I’m sure there are a few people who will pore over the 3D breakinformation from two innings ago, but frankly it’s way too much information to sift through for me. And like the commenter above, I do miss being able to easily see what the batter did last time up. You show where the pitches were, but knowing whether the little blue dot was a hit or an out is far more useful.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I’d suggest your programmers aren’t fans, because they seem to be far more interested in showing us the supercool stuff rather than the stuff we actually want.

    Give us a Classic option.

  17. omghr@yahoo.com

    yea me 2 sir. this gameday is too large for my screen. plus u cant even see wut the guy did last few ABs. please change to old gameday. it really owned this one. tyty and take a seat sir

  18. benwhite@dennis-bros.com

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I really hate the new Gameday. It’s just awful. I don’t need gradients; I don’t need graphical depictions of the path of the pitch; I don’t need scrolling collapsable batter info. (Seriously.) There was nothing wrong with the Classic version: The plain black text on a white background, divided into a pitch-by-pitch window and a play-by-play window, plus the simple pitch location graphic, was all that was required to easily follow a game. It was easy to read and understand. The so-called enhanced version has so much info presented so confusingly that you can’t find any of it. Please give us back the Classic version (or at least make it an option).

  19. benfica356@yahoo.com

    mlb.com please have the team chats in. That is the very least you can do to satisfy us.

  20. mbrewer@surs.com

    The new Gameday blows as much as your audio feed media player does. Do us all a favor bring back the old version of Gameday and fix the media player so I can have audio without opening up windows media player and opening the URL for the feed.

  21. bokonon42@hotmail.com

    You’re disappearing blog posts now? What are you, new? Did you take a job on John Edwards’ campaign blog?

    Lame. So, so lame.

  22. josiahlynch1@msn.com

    I dont care much for the new gamday. Its frozen half the time and way to complicated. The classic was so much better!!! All we want is to be able to revert back to the Classic. PLEASE bring it Back!

  23. dlocapo@aol.com

    There’s WAAAAAAY too much unnecessary stuff going on in the latest version of GameDay. All the bells and whistles are taking away from the content. For instance, it’s not really necessary to change the view of the batter, is it? And the play-by-play option keeps automatically scrolling back to new updates when I’m trying to catch up on the inning. Remember: Keep It Simple Stupid. Also, the big advertisment really, really, really stinks.

  24. g1@georgehenik.com

    Please bring back Classic. This new version is too large, it’s completely slowing down my system to where I couldn’t even login here because it would time out. Classic did the job effectively and efficiently.

    As a sidenote I hate the ads for MLBTV since while I would love to buy it I’m in a ‘blackout zone.’

  25. mdj@nycap.rr.com

    I actually like the new gameday, though I’d like to have “classic” available for times when I’m on a low-bandwidth connection. One question, though: what does “PFX” mean as a pitch description? BRK and SPD are pretty obvious….

  26. pittsports87@yahoo.com

    Come on, this is stupid, I like the new look and everything, but I do not know if this will work on my computer, and where is the chat? it is the only reason I use gameday. Does anyone know how to get on the chat?

  27. plarnell@yahoo.com

    How many people do you need to tell you that this new gameday is sorry. I used to watch two or three games a day on old game day. I loved when the little blue circle came up and said run-scoring play. I think mlb has a lot of lazy tech people working for them!

  28. mlb@cscott.net

    I hate the new gameday.

    Too busy, I can’t see the important stuff easy, and way too big! The whole point of gameday is to be able to keep one eye on the game while doing other work; that’s completely impossible now: the window takes up the whole dang screen, and all the flashiness makes it really really hard to just glance up and see what just happened. Either bring back classic gameday, or bring back the option from a couple of years ago of shrinking to an abbreviated vertical column of info.

  29. sergeante@gmail.com

    The scoreboard should be a priority que with the ongoing games first, then upcoming games, then finals (or finals then upcoming).

    Also, I think the automatic scrolling between scoreboard lines should be optional, not the default, or at least the app should remember the state of the pause/play button when the user chooses to see the full gameday view for a different game than the one he/she is currently watching.

  30. nyjetslg8@aol.com

    Mlb.com can you please get to it. Cmon bring back the old classic gameday. Look at all these comments. Everyone is hating the new one. PLEASE bring us back the classic one!!! Its horrible you have to scroll down to see how the pitchers did and one of the teams hitting stats. It should be simple and all in one screen. The classic version does this. PLEASE bring it back!!

  31. xxx@x.com

    I like this new version a lot, but I hear others are displeased with it, so I propose having a toggle between this and the classic version. Otherwise, please keep this and don’t turn it totally back to the classic.

  32. xxx@x.com

    Oh, and one more thing. How about adding the pitcher, catcher, and batter’s box into the main view?
    Otherwise, great improvements!

  33. aaatwood@sbcglobal.net

    I prefer the classic version. Especially, I could see more of the box score and game log without scrolling. Let me access classic!

  34. zeker@anet.com

    I would much prefer that you either give us the option to use the old Gameday, or configure the screen to allow us to use it with a screen area of 800×600. I use this often at work, where I need these screen dimensions. However, the new Gameday does not fit using these dimensions. Wouldn’t there be a way to add scrollbars to the application, so that I could scroll up and back?

  35. xxx@x.com

    In the classic version, if you run your mouse over the present batter or pitcher, it shows a few of their stats. It’s not desperate, but it would be all the better if you could add this into the new version. Great work!

  36. tfp81367@yahoo.com

    GameDay Mini would be nice to have again. I don’t like the fact that this is forcing me to take up so much of my monitor’s real estate.

  37. mrx@springfield.net

    Hey what happened here?!?! Baseball is a sport where less is more. Give us back the option to have last year’s gameday. I don’t like the pitch animation or the batter ghosting. Frankly, the pitch location is harder to see now. I really liked it when it was a colored circle with the number inside on the white background. This is the evolution you’ve brought us to ??? People used to gather in an auditorium and watch wooden figures be moved around on a board and messages were received by telegraph. Look at a baseball scorecard. Less is more in baseball.

  38. payson@employeefiduciary.com

    AAAGH! Please offer classic view Gameday. This is way too busy. Also mlb audio feed cut out with bases loaded tonight. Please simplify. This is the equivalent of replacing a baseball diamond with a moped track, adding five simultaneous pitchers, etc.

  39. lcmyers@chartertn.net

    If you really want feedback, please read all the comments wanting the old gameday option back. Or are you going into Iraq regardless of what everyone else thinks and not listen to us?

  40. cartz_is_well_wicked@hotmail.com

    I love the new gameday!! It runs perfectly on my cpu! Thanks heaps for the new version mlb.com

  41. elmerwabbitfudd@yahoo.com

    The new gameday is a CPU hog! The browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) takes up over 95% of the CPU’s usage when I fire up the new gameday and yes the computer meets the minimum requirements on mlb.com.

  42. rlm@scareduck.com

    Slow, huge, and frankly too much. Bring back the old Gameday, or at least let us have a choice in the matter.

  43. pepsiford2003@aol.com

    Is that annoying huge ad in the bottom right corner staying there the whole time?

    The whole idea is rediculous.

    Bring back classic.

  44. nyjetslg8@aol.com


  45. michael@mwila.com

    One more vote against the new Gameday. It really is unreadable, unwatchable, unbearable. The Classic Gameday was one of the best applications on the web. Compact, lots of information in a small space, very little scrolling, easy to read. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything so nice to look at and so pleasing to use (especially the ESPN Gamecast, which got too bloated last year).

    Please bring back Classic, as the new version has all the annoyances that just make you want to turn it off entirely.


  46. rara44@comcast.net

    I love gameday…especially while I’m in the office… but….. it is so slow to update. I have new computer with plenty of ram and it should be no problem. Who ever was inputing info for today’s Giants game was awful. Updates were long in coming and sometimes whole innnings were missed. Never had that happen with the old version.

  47. jelizabeth1978@yahoo.co.uk

    i love the new gameday. Just wondering when the chatrooms will be added as i cant see the link to them anywhere.

  48. arjaitheoriginal@yahoo.com

    I haven’t counted the number of people that have requested the Classic version of Gameday, but I feel it is the majority among the posters. I have to agree with the majority. I am not entirely sure what is causing the delays in batter info but, The game I watched tonight, Twins vs. Baltimore, was waaaay behind. Last year’s version was not two to three batters behind the live game.

    Granted there are some people here that like the new version. I also know that many times change can be good. However, the options and the speed of the options, i.e. scrooling between lineups and pitchers, is very slow and not what a person with a broadband conection, like me, is happy with.

    In my small part of the world, I personally prefer the, somewhat simpler, Classic versoin. Please allow the majority to have it.

    Thanks, I hope you care about us.

  49. greggrules18@yahoo.com

    ok this gameday is really not working for me. it just doesnt update and idk y. i go to a gameday and nothing happens. it just sits there. this new gameday is garbage. please bring classic back

  50. uppitycrackerbitch@yahoo.com

    all in all, the old one was good enough. i don’t feel like i’m getting information i couldn’t fathom in classic mode. a radar gun would be awesome. the real reason to use mlb instead of sportsline or some other version is the chat. bring back chat. block spammers. happy fans.

  51. benwhite@dennis-bros.com

    The pitch tracker animation is just silly. Not until I was forced to watch an entire game with it on (I had only seen it briefly last year) did I realize just how unnecessary it is. It’s just a bunch of curved lines that all look the same! There’s no relevant data to be discerned here! And it takes up so much space, it completely obscures the only important thing to know: where the pitch crosses the plate (and thus whether it’s a ball, strike, or in play). Unfortunately, the plate area has been severly reduced in size, and the numbers are barely readable. Please do away with this animation, or make it where we can turn it off in order that we may enlarge the strike zone part of the graphic back to the size it was. In other words, bring back Classic.

  52. plarnell@yahoo.com


  53. uppitycrackerbitch@yahoo.com

    i posted that a radar gun would be cool. it wasn’t until after watching gameday for a while that i realized there is a radar gun. that’s how jumbled the screen is. simplify a little. allow us to minimize or maximize what we want to see maybe? chatrooms up. spammers out.

  54. trish_brc@yahoo.com

    Happy New Year! Thank you for the effort you made to produce the fancy animations, but please let us turn them off if we choose. Please let us toggle back to Classic Gameday.

    There is too much information on the new Gameday display. It’s like having a TV set on my desk when what I really want to have is a radio. A game on the radio can be enjoyed in the background when one is at work, while a TV set would be too distracting.

    Meanwhile, does anyone know what the little brown squares in the outfield map of Cellular Field mean? They were there last year, too, and they’re not on other ballparks.

  55. fearoliver@sympatico.ca

    The pitch animations add nothing. The degree of the tilt means absolutely nothing to me…and all the images are indestinguishable. A simple: curveball, change-up, fastball description with the mph and location would be a lot more informative. Especially if you could compare pitch sequence histories or an archive from previous games ie: 0-2 = 20% Fast, 40% change up, 40% curvball…Similar set-up could be used to describe location by dividing the strike zone into quadrants. This would all be possible in a gameday without unrealistic computing power requirements.

  56. mets3454@aol.com

    please bring back classic gameday i hate the new one its so hard to follow and it gives me headaches looking at those players BRING BACK THE OLD GAMEDAY IT WAS SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE EVERYONE HATES IT THE NEW ONE

  57. jopell333@hotmail.com

    Why don’t you guys fix the box score feature? Scrolling through the box is slow and non-responsive. Why do we have to scroll at all? Can’t we just view the whole box score completely at a glance. Otherwise, I would have left Gameday as it was two years ago. Camera control is just a gimick. Useless!!! Sorry for the candor but you asked for it.
    John from Marlborough, MA

  58. cwilson2@hotmail.com

    Please return classic gameday. This new one is ridiculously slow. It’s not my computer or the software, it’s just the program. Classic gameday was money.

  59. mo00se@hotmail.com

    I like the new Gameday. I have no problems with freezing or lagging or anything like that. One feature I did like last post season was the 3D representation of the field, and the raised bases if someone was on it.

    I’ve watched three games this season and have yet to see any pitch tracking. Is there something wrong or do some stadiums have it and some do not? no break is shown in the game archive either.

    I would also like to see the ability to see batters previous at-bats.

  60. mo00se@hotmail.com

    nevermind about the previous at bats, the current display is fine….but i am still curious why the pitch tracking never works for me.

  61. mj2009@gmail.com

    1.Why the big black box in the lower right corner? Is it just me? It would be great to use that space, say, to see both lineups at the same time.

    2.Wasn’t there a 3D display of pitches in the 06 postseason or something? With the break and the speed? That would be awesome.

    3.Even better would be to have an option to make it animated, so that the batter swings, the pitcher winds up etc.

    4.The pitch list is somewhat hard to keep an eye on. Why doesn’t the last pitch thrown stick to the top of the batter view? It seems to me it only stays there for a couple seconds.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  62. arizona_andy@hotmail.com

    BRING BACK CLASSIC GAMEDAY. The new one is bad on so many levels I don’t see how this was ever released.

    The interface is a step backward. Unbelievably slow, less intuitive, useless features added and valuable features removed.

    Why was the popup that shows what the hitter has done in his previous at-bats removed? This feature was very useful and there is simply no reason it should have been removed.

    Also, the large ad at the bottom-right of the screen absolutely has to go. It covers up far too much of the box score section. If you want an ad, place a banner at the top. Talk about terrible interface design.

    The multiple camera angles are also completely useless, as pitch movement is not shown.

    And why is the pitch speed not shown? I still don’t understand how this information isn’t displayed, clearly the data is available.

    If you won’t revert back to Classic Gameday, then at least give us the option to choose from Classic Gameday or the new Gameday.

  63. arizona_andy@hotmail.com

    I forgot to mention the “Pitch-by-Pitch” list. This section is also much worse than before. You no longer have the ability to see the current pitches and the outcomes of the previous at bats at the same time.

    Again, very poor interface design.

    I am a professional software developer and interface designer, and to me these changes are incomprehensible.

  64. bob.johnston@meineke.com

    TOO MUCH PACKED INTO LIMITED SPACE: Sometimes “simpler” is better, which is definitely the case with last year’s Gameday version. The 2007 version includes so much **** that it’s a chore to follow the game….even to navigate from one feature to the next. It’s not just a matter of climbing the learning curve, this 2007 Gameday rendition is legitimately confusing, frustrating, and wholly unappealing. Go Back!

  65. mj2009@gmail.com

    Also, it would be nice to see the outcome of each AB under the “previous ABs” section for the batters.

  66. phil.nathan@gmail.com

    Way too much going on. The reason I used MLB’s version in the past (the “Classic” one) is because it didn’t bog down like ESPN/Yahoo/every other one. You could easily click around and find out what’s going on. This one is completely unworkable unless you’re using the newest system on the market.

    Bring back classic, or at least leave it as an option!

  67. vterinexile@yahoo.com

    Holy ****! You ruined a great thing! The new version is way to cluttered, and the fonts are unreadable. Revert to the last version! Until then i’m going to use the (even slower and generally inferior, but entirely readable) CNN-SI game ticker.

  68. fontana@fontanafirm.com

    Hi. I like the Enhanced Gameday. It just needs a few tweaks to add all the features of the Classic Gameday, but it’s a step in the right direction. I realize it’s still a work in progress, but am confident that in time it will surpass Classic Gameday.

    The only suggestion I have is to add animation and sound. Make it look like a video game. Have the batter swing and we hear the crack of the bat. Then let’s see the ball in play and the fielder making the play. That would be great, but I realize it’s a lot of work.

    Anyway, thanks for Advanced Gameday.

    Dom Fontana

  69. danmerqury@yahoo.com

    I like the information and the layout of this new Gameday, but it eats up waaaaay too much RAM. I have a 1 GB of RAM and Gameday sometimes gets so laggy that the animations are running at around 2 frames per second, or worse.

  70. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    The new gamedays *****.

    I would prefer that, like in the playoffs last year, there would be an option to revert back to classic gameday. The classic gameday wasn’t anything near the bloatware that it is now. ****, I’ve got a gig of ram and the **** thing still slows my system down. Further, Gameday is now so wide that it takes up my entire screen. I am not in the least bit impressed.

  71. benwhite@dennis-bros.com

    I notice that there are now some options, but it’s NOT good enough. Why, for example, is the only 2D view available from the *batter’s* point of view? When you watch on TV, it’s always from the pitcher’s point of view, just like in the Classic Gameday. Please make the 2D version be from the pitcher’s point of view, at least as an option. Better yet, give us the only option we really want: BRING BACK CLASSIC GAMEDAY.

  72. bizmark59@hotmail.com

    New gameday is awesome,
    i like it… i like being able to drill down on pitch information (where available)…

    Just bring back the drill down on the player picture who’s at bat so i can see their season stats quicker.

  73. nyjetslg8@aol.com

    Mlb.com do you even read any of these comments?? Look at all the people who would like that option to switch back and forth between enhanced gameday and the classic gameday. It is slowing many of our computers down. Please BRING BACK CLASSIC!!! PLEASE!!!

  74. lojo88@yahoo.com

    I love the new gameday – awesome. Would it be possible to add just the name when there is an injury delay? It drives you crazy wondering who is being attended to.

  75. trish_brc@yahoo.com

    I still hope that they’ll bring back Classic as an option.
    Today I noticed the “options” green button in the upper-right corner. Setting it to 2-D helps a little. Hitting “pause” on the rolling scoreboard helps a lot.

    The game summary sometimes gets stuck on an inning and clicking on the current inning gets it moving again. It did that last year, too.

    I miss being able to click on the name or face of the pitcher and batter.

    If you click a name in the lineup, their baseball card pops up and there’s a link called “spray chart”… wowee, that’s a database one could wander through all day!

  76. gldb66@yahoo.com

    I noticed that the last two days pitch animation and pitch info has been turned off. It hasn’t made gameday any better in terms of speed. Still dead slow and hogging resources on my computer.

    For example, St Louis vs Houston, bottom of the 4th, according to both the gameday archive section and the animation, Wainwright was throwing to Ausmus. Trouble is there were already 3 outs in the inning. Turning off gameday and going back in didn’t change things. After 5 minutes it suddenly jumped to the top of the 5th with 2 outs already. Inaccurate and slow. And this is typical, not a one off situation.

    A real problem with style over substance. It looks pretty but it doesn’t work properly and the pretty bits don’t give baseball fans much extra info. If you don’t want to listen to fans and switch back to classic gameday, at least make this new version functional. Until you can make it work I’ll have to use the ESPN service which isn’t good but is accurate, up to date, and doesn’t slow my system.

  77. jsmith@gm.com

    Two things.

    1. What’s pFX?

    2. New Gameday is good. Keep it. But apparantly some people like old Gameday. So make them both, and have it so you can switch, like the end of last year.

  78. arizona_andy@hotmail.com

    BRING BACK CLASSIC GAMEDAY. My previous posts have explained all the reasons the new version is inferior.

    I will be posting this everyday until the classic version is made available again. I am not asking you to delete the new one, simply make both available. Listen to your fans.

  79. pittsports87@yahoo.com

    I say we give MLB.com until Monday to add the chat and give us an option to use the classic gameday. Then, if they do not give us what we want, we boycott MLB.com and use ESPN.com, sportsline.com, and even yahoo.com. We can have 1 person check each day to see if they give us what we want, and they can post a comment on here and tell us when they give us what we want. Just check back on this each day to see if the person checking sees that they gave us what we want. Who is with me?

  80. nyjetslg8@aol.com

    I am with you. I have posted about ten times asking very nicely for them to give us back the option of classic gameday and they do not seem to listen. Please Mlb.com Wake up!!!

  81. pittsports87@yahoo.com

    MLB.com, I am giving you until Monday, and if you do not give us our demands, we will no longer be using your services until you change gameday. I will be using sportsline.com until this changes.

  82. pittsports87@yahoo.com

    Everyone, if you decide to boycott, do not use ESPN.com because they are assosiated with MLB.com, use yahoo or sportsline

  83. gldb66@yahoo.com

    sportsline is good. I’m using it to watch the bottom of the 9th in the LAD SFO game. Gameday is stuck at the first pitch in the top of the 9th.

  84. nyynyynyynyy@hotmail.com

    Looks pretty good to me. I’ve had it set to 2D and it runs amazingly well. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, it’s not all that different from last year’s gameday. Would like to know what PFX is though.

  85. powderguy@comcast.net

    I’m going to boycott on Monday too.
    But I will still post this message every day:



  86. pittsports87@yahoo.com

    Here is what I want from gameday before I start to use it again:

    1. I want the chat rooms to be open, that is the main reason I use this.

    2. Give us the option to use classic gameday, this one can be slow at times.

    3. Give us an option to use mini mode, that is very convenient

    4. I will still use it if this is not added, but I thought it would be cool to add sound to gameday, that could be very convenient.

    MLB.com, please listen to the users of your site, a lot of people are unhappy with these changes.

  87. ekozie@gmail.com

    I really like the pitch views, but I have a couple of suggestions…
    -Be able to choose defaults, such as that the scrolling games at the top can be paused when Gameday opens, have Play-by-Play in the Game Summary by default, etc…

    -Be able to choose certain players to have highlighted in the Boxscores and Lineups

    -Option for integration of all games into one flash module, so it takes longer to load initially, but switching between games is much more intuitive

    -List of the 3 batters due up in the next half inning

  88. ekozie@gmail.com

    Also, if it was possible to highlight the current batter in the boxscore and have an option for the bating team’s boxscore to be displayed by default, that would be cool (and an option for Gameday classic).

  89. pittsports87@yahoo.com

    Why not even let us pick the stats we want to see? That would be good, also get rid of that ad, that space could be used for other things like to have both box scores or linups up, put the ad as abanner at the top or bottom or dont even have it at all

  90. thethomases@earthlink.net

    Folks, the advertisements pay the bills. If you don’t want the ad on the page, then be prepared to get your checkbook out and pay for Gameday. The people who provide this service aren’t volunteers.


    * a mini mode would be cool, as others have suggested.

    * In the “game summary” portion of the page, there are three columns, labeled “SPD,” “BRK” AND “PFX”. There are no data in these columns. What are they supposed to do?

    * Under “options,” the 3D view for the batter area promises “three-dimensional pitch trajectories for selected games.” How do we know WHICH games? And how do you select among the various “multiple viewing angles” that are promised?

    * The pitcher-batter confrontation is the heart of the game, so it makes sense to put the “batter’s view” window at center stage, and to make it large enough so that you can see slight variations in the location of pitches. But there’s a lot of unused space in that window. For a RH batter, for example, just about the entire right side of the window goes unused. It’s wasted space. The converse is true for a LH batter. There’s a lot of, literally, blue sky in that window, as well as a lot of space behind the batter’s back that goes unused. Seems you could design a much more economical space for that kind of pitch-location information. You don’t need to see a batter, really; you need to see a good-sized strike zone, the location of each pitch, and to know whether the batter on one side of the plate or the other. You could do a lot with the space you gain.

    Otherwise, the site is cool.

  91. ekozie@gmail.com

    Those three columns show data when the 3D view is enabled, which, today, was 2 or 3 games out of 6 or 7 that I checked out. That is also when the animation is enabled. Pretty mediocre to have only some games fully-featured, eh? Oh, and so true about the subscription service. We all know it’s inevitable, but I know that I personally don’t want to say it.

  92. thethomases@earthlink.net

    Ah ha. I see. Thanks. I just jumped over to a game in which the 3D view was enabled. When you use the “camera angle” tool in the central window, then the graphics consume a greater share of the space in that window. So far, I like the view from the pitcher’s mount best. But, no matter what angle you choose, there’s still a lot of empty space around the batter in that frame.

    And yeah, it would be nice to make the feature available for all games. Maybe they need some in-stadium equipment to make it happen or something and don’t have enough for all the games every day.

  93. jacobupham@yahoo.com

    This new gameday is awful. Too big and clunky. Last year’s was perfect. The action was right in the center and I never had to look around to find out what was going on. I don’t need 6 different camera angles and I don’t care how the pitcher worked the two previous hitters.


  94. itsanonymouse@gmail.com

    Classic is clearly better so how many Right Guards do we need to buy to get it back. But if you MUST keep this version then here’s my complaint list:

    1) Slow. Much slower than classic.

    2) Window doesnt fit the box info. Scrolling the mouse wheel moves the window rather than just the box area.

    3) The ad shouldnt be with the boxscore. Thats important info that already doesnt have enough space.

    4) Bloated. 3D. Angles. Whatever. The old version had it all so change is unecessary.

  95. jzzznsixzzz@yahoo.com

    It seems to me that pFX is the amount the a pitch moves in the horizontal direction, and break measured is pFY, or the amount a pitch moves in the vertical direction. Can anyone confirm? If you look at a ton of pitches though, it makes sense, especially if you compare a pitch where pFX is 0 and another where it’s 14 or something.

    – Jjjsixsix

  96. uppitycrackerbitch@yahoo.com

    the option to use less graphics and 2D the view should appease some people. it’s the sloooooooowness that is the problem. i will be at the twins-yankees tonight and compare the real time to gameday. wouldn’t be surprised if it’s half an inning behind. chatrooms!!!!!!

  97. slgs@verizon.net

    The old (classic) version was MUCH, MUCH better. This version doesnt fit my screen. It has way too much garbage information. Sorry, I for one dont need a view of the ball and the number of inches on the break. You also have a right guard ad in the bottom right of the screen instaed of the home team box. It is very annoying to have to scroll for every bit of info. BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION.
    I am # 134. The previous 133 bloggers have already stated what I wrote. How about giving your customers an answer to our complaints?

    Will you fix any or all of the problems cited?

  98. akrabbyguy@yahoo.com

    While I understand there are bugs to work out, I am not pleased with the new system. The number of times there is incorrect information posted is frustrating. Maybe your trying to do too much. As an example, if you I would recommend that you look at the craziness that occurred online in the bottom 9th inning of the Astro’s vs Cubs game on 4/9. Murton led of the bottom againsts the Astros. However, whoever the tech person was that entered the data changed it four different times to four differnt persons. They even had Carlos Lee (An Astro) batting against Astro pitching.

    If you can’t get it right, then get out of the business.

  99. ggn6396@saintjoe.com

    why can i not see the pitch speeds ands tuff for toronto games like i can with other teams? big toronto fan and would really like to see this! thanks

  100. mem191919@hotmail.com

    You really need to give people an option to switch back to classic gameday. The new build is not intuitive, and it runs much slower than the classic version. Your new version is unpopular and has too much worthless info. Please give people the option of switching back.

  101. omghr@yahoo.com


  102. gamedayfan@hotmail.com

    CLASSIC GAMEDAY HAS BEEN HERE ALL ALONG! HOORAY!! Okay, here’s what you do to get to it:

    1. Figure out what the link to the game you want to watch is (browsers will either display this information or you can find it in the page properties). For example, http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/y2007/gd.html?2007_04_11_slnmlb_pitmlb_1 (which would be the game on April 11, 2007, St. Louis at Pittsburg (if it was the second game of a doubleheader, the 1 at the end would be a 2)).

    2. Change /y2007/ in the link to /y2006/. In our example, the new link is http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/y2006/gd.html?2007_04_11_slnmlb_pitmlb_1

    3. Enjoy.

    NOTE: AS OF RIGHT NOW THE CHAT WILL NOT WORK. A lot of the links at the top will not work or will be missing information. You may have to find other ways to connect to MLB.TV and Gameday Audio. But that’s a small price to pay for being able to experience our beloved Classic Gameday. In fact, I’m following that game I linked to above live, and it works just like I hoped!!

  103. tytrain@gmail.com

    I want classic gameday back. This one is poorly designed and a headache. There’s a fine line between informative and useless trivia machine. Please provide classic gameday as an option.

  104. gamedayfan@hotmail.com

    If you want to use the Classic Gameday, please follow the instructions I posted two comments ago. (Chat does not work.)

  105. nyjetslg8@aol.com

    will the scoreboard for all the games on the top be fixed or will we just have to deal without seeing which game is which

  106. jeffyboz@yahoo.com

    What a bummer… I was all psyched up to to watch the giro ball in three-d, but it’s not working… No doubt you’re perfecting a way for us to pay for it before it becomes a permanent feature. You guys ****!!

  107. gamedayfan@hotmail.com

    RE: “will the scoreboard for all the games on the top be fixed or will we just have to deal without seeing which game is which”

    We’ll just have to deal with it. The fix to make Classic Gameday work actually just loads last year’s version of Gameday. (Notice the title bar reads “Gameday 2006”.) This year’s data from other games around the leagues is apparently in a different format from last year, and thus the information doesn’t show up correctly?but what’s important is that all the core Classic Gameday features work. That means that the game you’re watching will look correct.

    NOTE: I’ll say again: Even though there are links for live chat on last year’s Gameday, the chat DOES NOT work at this time.

  108. jperry@nd.edu

    Please provide a link so that we can return to Classic. I’m a huge fan of Gameday, but until you bring back the Classic, I’m just going to use the Yahoo Gamechannel (which is a big step down!). The new game day is overwheleming with info, it’s a far too “busy” screen, and worst of all, it often will not automatically update for me. The beauty of baseball is that the game CAN be simplified–this new Enhanced loses that beautiful simplicity.

  109. gamedayfan@hotmail.com

    THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE LOOKING FOR CLASSIC GAMEDAY please read all my comments above. I have told you how to find it already. (Essentially, change /y2007/ in the URL to /y2006/ and it will work. Chat still does NOT work.)

  110. corey_white@hotmail.com

    hey guys I just wanted to say fantastic job on the new gameday. its 100 times better than last year. and to all you haters: classic ***** and if you’re computer cant run the new one then it’s time for you to upgrade your **** computer.

  111. omghr@yahoo.com

    yea i got the link for ur classic gameday but how do i go to todays games? i tried going to cleveland and los angeles and it wasnt working

  112. mem191919@hotmail.com

    Apparently mlb did a “fix”, so that we can no longer change the 2007 to 2006 and watch classic gameday. Face it people, mlb does not want us watching classic anymore, or else they’d give us the option too. I think it has a lot to do with them advertising and lining their pockets. The new gameday is an abomination, I used to love following in games in classic, but i’ll now be switching to yahoo to follow games. Heh, i wonder if mlb even reads this, it’s apparent everyone hates the new gameday, yet they say nothing.

  113. jvm_246@yahoo.ca

    mlb they fired don imus. you should fire your marketing directer for this blunder. as you can tell a majority of gameday fans want the old version back. ty

  114. m_g_titan@hotmail.com

    i really need some help…I have a windows Xp in my room. I try to follow the gamedays but it is very difficult. I cannot see everything. It is too big and goes outside the screen size on the right side and on the bottom. On my partents windows 98 this doesnt happen. Can anyone give me any advice?

    thank you

    Go red sox

  115. jeffyboz@yahoo.com

    Can somebody please pass a message along to the MLB marketing folks for me? If I swear on a stack of Bibles, I will buy Right Guard Sport, and only Right Guard Sport deodorant, for the rest of my life–can they please make the billboard smaller? (Maybe use that space to let us know who’s warming up in the bullpen.) I’d be really psyched–probably get more women, too–they love the smell of Right Guard Sport deodorant!!

  116. rick.stone3@verizon.net

    How can a pitch that look head high be a called strike then two pitches later, one in nearly the same spot is in the dirt?

    must. buy. right. guard.

  117. royjen@pioneerwireless.net

    I can open gameday but it will not continue to play the next frame. It just freezes on the first play. Can anyone help it didn’t do this last year.


  118. timquirk@qscpa.com

    I like game day but i need a glossary of terms. PFX. Break, Degrees what do these mean and measure and why. You do a great job of adding but there is no explanation.

    I want he glossary button right next to box or prview so I can get to it. I won’t hunt for info hidden deep in some blog. A blog entry said “break, now pfx, is..” but you have pfx and break.

    To appreciate the information you need to know what it means and that secrete should not be hidden.

    tim Quirk

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